10 Largest Online High Stakes Pots Of The Year


We are now amazingly more than halfway through 2014 already which means we have had more than six months of action on the online high stakes tables. This led us to thinking what the biggest of the pots for the year might have been.

Whilst there have been much larger pots than these in years gone by, they were still worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom dominates this top ten as you would expect regarding appearances but that does not mean he was successful in all of them.

Check out the ten largest pots of the year so far in 2014, all played out on Full Tilt Poker.

10.) Isildur1 Claims $240k Pot From Bttech86

Isildur1 will be seen quite a few times throughout this list, with him being involved in the very first of them. It occurred on the $400/$800 PLO tables back in January this year and saw his rivered three of a kind beat the unknown cards of his opponent.

Watch the replay.

9.) OMGClayAiken Wins $240,571 Pot Against Isildur1

This hand on the $300/$600 PLO tables back in March saw a pot of $240,571 won by Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. He won both runs of the river with two pair for both of them.

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8.) PostflopAction and Isildur1 Chop Pot Of $249,830.50

Despite running the turn and river twice in this hand on the $300/$600 PLO tables, there would be no outright winner. They split the pot after Isildur1 won the first run with a pair of queens whilst PostflopAction took down the second run a pair of nines.

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7.) Call_911 and Denoking Share Pot Of $250,392

Another split pot makes the top ten, this time seeing both Call_911 and Denoking sharing the pot of $250,393. The flop was run twice after a pre-flop all-in with both players winning one each with trip nines and a pair of kings respectively.

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6.) Isildur1 and Bttech86 Split $262,798 Pot

The sixth biggest pot of the year saw another split pot as neither could come out on top of the hand at the $400/$800 PLO tables of Full Tilt Poker. Despite running it twice, each player did not improve, with both of them holding two kings apiece.

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5.) Denoking Scoops $265,196 Against SanIker

The first of the top five saw Denoking and SanIker fight it out for this pot just a few weeks ago. This happened on the $300/$600 NLHE tables when Denoking manages to hit a better full house than his opponent on the river to scoop the $265,196 pot.

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4.) luvtheWNBA Wins $269,063 Off Isildur1

Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton has two appearances in the top four whilst his opponent has three. This pot was won back in January on the $400/$800 NLHE heads up tables and saw Blom fail to bluff his opponent on a number of occasions with Haxton hitting top two pair.

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3.) Denoking Takes $275,400 From SanIker

This hand happened not so long ago this month and saw Denoking and SanIker again battle it out against each other on the $300/$600 NLHE tables. Deonking once again came out on top after making a three of a kind on the flop and letting his opponent literally hang himself.

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2.)  Bttech86 Beats Isildur1 For $283,696

The second largest pot of the year so far involved Ben “Bttech86” and that man again Viktor “Isildir1” Blom. It was once again from the $400/$800 PLO tables and despite Blom being a favorite on the flop he was unable to beat the pocket pair of aces that were among the four cards of his opponent.

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1.) luvtheWNBA Earns $322,094 From Isildur1

At the beginning of the list we are pretty sure that most of you would have called that Viktor Blom will have been involved in the biggest pot of the year and you were correct. Unfortunately he was once again on the losing end after Isaac Haxton flops a flush and allows Blom to keep bluffing away at the pot.

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