$10 million guaranteed prize pool for PCA 2014

PCA 2014

Earlier this year, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event attracted 987 players, each of them paying $10,300 and as a result, the prize pool sank below $10 million. For 2014, PokerStars will be guaranteeing the prize pool for the first time in tournament history and this is going to be $10 million.

The PCA will begin on January 5 and will conclude one week later, with players to choose from a total of 39 events. Most of them are accessible for regular poker players, but the highlight of the series is the $100,000 Super High Roller. Those who want to compete in the highrollers tournament, but don’t have $100,000 to buy in will probably focus on the $25,500 High Roller, while waiting for the main event to begin.

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas will be the gracious host for the PCA and it is expected to attract players from all over the world. It is hard to find a better place to be in early January than the Bahamas, even if you’re not an avid poker player, as this is one of the best tourist destinations in the world in winter. As for poker players, the PCA 2014 is a major event on their yearly calendar and now that PokerStars has boosted the guaranteed payouts to $10 million, the number of entrants is expected to soar above 1000.

A guaranteed prize pool will probably act as a magnet for undecided poker players, who have the resources to compete in the PCA. At the end of the day, this psychological milestone of $10 million will probably be surpassed and this edition could set a record in terms of prizes awarded. What’s more, there are 37 tournaments including the Main Event to choose from.

There are dozens of qualifiers running every day at PokerStars, so those interested can earn a place at the PCA 2014 tables without paying the buy-in out-of-pocket. The first qualifiers were announced in early August. Last year 6,000 players participated and the vast majority of them got there as a result of winning satellites, something that is very likely to happen this year too.

Check out the official PCA page for more information.