168 players survive 11 hours of play at Event #42

WSOP Employees' Event

WSOP Employees' Event2,100 players found Event #42: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em attractive and that is why Day 1 took so long, but after 11 hours only 168 players are still standing. Matt Matros stands out from the crowd with a chip stack of 145,000 and what is more impressive is the fact that he was the chip leader for most of the day.

For a brief period of time he had to concede the lead but he fought back valiantly and finished the day with 15000 chips more than the second place Jake Balsiger. The runner-up has no reasons to be disappointed, in fact Jake should consider himself lucky to amass so many chips at the end of day one. He greatly increased the size of his stack during the bubble stage, taking advantage of the other players’ reluctance to commit their chips.

He is now ahead of Zenni Petros and Niall Farell, the only two players who have in excess of 100,000 chips and the blinds stand at 500/1000. Poker Stars Team Pro Victor Ramdin survived day one but he has no more than 30 big blinds, which means that he will be hard-pressed to double up in the first hours of Day 2. If we are to trust his recent tweet, that is exactly what the professional poker player plans to do tomorrow when the games resume at 1 PM PST:

Not many poker professionals who bought in for Event #42: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em will return for Day 2 and among the casualties it is worth mentioning Vanessa Selbst, Antonio Esfandiari Jesse Sylvia and Jan Heitmann. The gap separating chip leader Matt Matros from Gregory Benjamins who finished the day on the 10th place is of nearly 90,000 chips, and this is the entire top 10:

1. Matt Matros – 145,000
2. Jake Balsiger – 129,100
3. Zenni Petros – 110,800
4. Niall Farrell – 106,000
5. Keith Block – 91,700
6. Dana Buck – 78,200
7. Sam Grafton – 77,000
8. Mark Jun – 67,000
9. Ryan Tepen – 61,800
10. Gregory Benjamins – 57,000