$1million Phase Tourney runs live at PokerStars


The immensely popular Football Fever Daily Challenges are coming to an end, after two weeks and a total of $500,000 were given away to PokerStars players between June 11 and June 28. The $100,000 Bonus Challenge kept players on their toes for almost three weeks, but it is time to move on. 10 days from now, the Football Fever Mission starts and it will run between July 7th- 13th, with the winners to enter the $75,000 All-In Shootout on July 16.

Meanwhile, there is plenty to do and a lot of money to be won on PokerStars where the $1million Phase Tourney has begun. Just as the name suggests, the tournament has an interesting structure with two stages, with Phase 1 tournaments already running. Action started fast and furious, with many players trying to make it through to the big Phase 2 final. Time is of the essence, because this final stage of the tournament is scheduled for Sunday, July 6, which coincides with the end of the Football Fever event.

The Phase Tourney has a massive prize pool of $1 million and the buy-in is at $27, not to mention that players have unlimited chances to qualify. Those who fail at the first try should know that they can enter as many times as they like, until they finally advance to the next stage. The Phase 1 tournaments run daily and will only come to an end on July 5, almost a month after the first hands were dealt. There are 5 scheduled for each day, therefore highly motivated players won’t lack opportunities.

The reason for why PokerStars players are right to be so enthusiastic about the $1 Million Guaranteed Football Fever Phase Tournament is that the winner will scoop a prize exceeding $100,000. Only those who qualify to Phase 2 can hope to win a 6-digit amount and it is worth mentioning that those who make it to the next stage will be unable to enter more Phase 1 tournaments.