$2.2m split among PokerStars Sunday events winners

US Dollars

Both of the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-up guaranteed prize pools were exceeded this week, as a total of 11,000 players competed in these major PokerStars events. The former was won by a player from Kazakhstan who goes by the nickname of “Agrobot_388Z” and is arguably the most in-form players of all those who participate regularly in the Sunday Million.

One week ago he made a deep run in the Red Spade Open but had to settle for the second place and a prize of $225,689. Even so, he took home the biggest chunk of the prize as he made a smart deal when five players were left in the race and he had the deepest stack. This week, he out shined the competitors without splitting the money and his combined payouts exceed $450k.

Ysjah from the Netherlands and OneTime1Time from Canada finished on the podium and won a six digit amount, with two players from the UK also making the final table. A notable performance was the one of “Epakfailer” from Slovakia who finished 6th and got $46,407 one week after making another final table in the Sunday Million. A total of 1,080 players cashed in this week and these were the most successful nine:

  1. Agrobot_388Z – $224,550
  2. Ysjah – $165,223
  3. OneTime1Time -$119,760
  4. Essa_mania – $79,341
  5. greenrizla – $61,377
  6. Epakfailer – $46,407
  7. R_Caiaffa – $32,185
  8. PAULMARCKO – $17,964
  9. Ship It 2010 – $11,601

3535 players bought in the Sunday Warm-up this weekend and this took the guaranteed prize pool of $500k all the way up to $707k. 540 players finished in the money, but the top payouts were split among those who made the final table. Among those who got this far was Pierre “Zoutechamp” Neuville who started in seat one and finished 8th, scooping an amount of almost $9000.

The tournament lasted more than 11 hours and “bar-bar9999” from Israel made the decisive move when three-handed play begin. He was lucky to be dealt pocket Aces when FCG Fanatic from the Netherlands went all in with A-8 and started the heads-up as clear favourite. His opponent caught a lucky break and doubled up, which prompted the Israeli to suggest a deal that the Dutch quickly embraced.

“bar-bar9999” eventually won the event and received $10k more than his opponent, for a total amount of $106,101. Check out the complete list of players who made the final table and the prizes they took:

  1. bar-bar9999 (Israel) $106.101
  2. 1dönertasche (Germany) $87,616
  3. FCG Fanatic (Netherlands) $58,327
  4. bmky88 (Singapore) $40,652
  5. nasukk (Romania) $30,047
  6. Beneditine (Brazil) $22,977
  7. Sheeter 200 (Canada) $15,907
  8. Friend of PokerStars Pierre “Zoutechamp” Neuville $8,837
  9. VitinhO Dzi (Brazil) $5,656