$200,000 Poker Watch!

American dollars

Christophe Claret has brought out the poker players dream watch! If you ever dreamed of playing poker with an expensive watch, then the new Texas Hold’em design is the must have poker watch. It beats the price of most Rolex watches and will give you the feel of being a real poker player. In fact, you can actually play a game of poker on the watch with you and two poker loving buddies.

Previously we have seen watch additions designed for Blackjack as well as for avid Baccarat fans. Maybe Phil Ivey would buy both the Baccarat and Poker watch as he likes to play high stakes in each of these games. That is anyone still recalls the Crockfords casino fiasco in Mayfair!

The watch was supposed to be released almost two years ago in 2011, but the design and the mechanism inside stalled the planned release date by adding another two years to get it right. This was to ensure the fifty-two cards inside the watch would work correctly. It took two separate watch makers to join heads and finally get the watch made so its Texas Hold’em loving owners would be able to play a fully orchestrated three player game of Hold’em using the watch.

I know what you are thinking because it may seem impossible to play a game of poker on a watch without your opponent’s seeing your cards, but the design has taken this into full consideration. It comes down to the way the angled shutters have been designed in such a way that the other players can’t see your cards. That is of course unless they cheat by taking a peak, but the player would literally have to be standing where you are standing to the see the cards. It really is amazing!

There is a mechanical card dealer making sure the deals are totally random, and there are pushers to kick start the betting rounds and deals. When the pusher is activated, it starts sounding the cathedral gong. This will then allow the deals to commence for the flop first, then the deal and finally for the third push the players will see the river card.

Even the technical side of the variation and probability of mimicking a real game of poker have been fathomed into the design. There are 32,768 combinations in a fifty-two card playing deck, so with three players there are 98,304 combinations. All this has been calculated into the functionality of the game played in the watch.

For the price, some poker players won’t even batter an eyelid, but for some of us the $200,000 price tag is a little out of our reach. You’ll have to raid the coffers sooner rather than later too as only eighty of these exclusive poker watches will hit the streets.