2008 WSOP ME Eastgate and Demidov Chip Bags on Auction


A very strange sale has been appearing on eBay over the last few days that at first didn’t draw too much attention, but now, much of the poker world are turning around to take notice of a sale that looks as if an up and coming poker player is looking for a stake.

Before the heads-up match between Peter Eastgate and Ivan Demidov got the cards in the air, the pair had collected their chips in transparent plastic bags with their names written on each one. “forevervinyl” has put these chips bags on eBay, opened on offer for a minimum of $15,000, which is enough cash for a couple of high stakes buy-ins and few decent sized cash games.

No one has really heard of the seller, whose real name Scott Neuman and seems to fancy himself as a poker pro. In his seller description he promises, or at least states, that whoever buys the bags from him will be in for a cut of any cashes made in tournaments that enabled him to buy into via the cash from this sale. He does also state that he cannot guarantee he will cash, but it sounds as if he is confident enough to make the proposition. Some would say that he has had the luck to come across the bags, and he is brazen enough to have already turned down bids for the item, which shows some decent arrogance. It seems like a perfect combination of luck and attitude that could make this player a real poker contender.

Neuman states that he acquired the bags in a charity auction out on by the WSOP itself and so the bags are legitimate items. If his story checks out, it could be that there is someone out there willing to give this kid a chance at the poker circuit. The ideal buyer would be Peter Eastgate himself. I mean why not? Everyone deserves a chance and Eastgate has the cash to throw at a piece of memorabilia to add to his massive 2008 Gold Bracelet win. An investment and some poker training could see us with an interesting story on our hands where pro trains amateur and amateur cashes.

It may not be an empty investment for whoever buys the bags as Neuman has in fact made some cashes in what has been a kind of a poker career so far. A little bit of training from the right player could see him become a successful player and give the trainee a nice pay off for his or her time!

Neuman’s Tournament Results

40th place for $14,454 in the WSOP 2013’s $2,500 NLH Event 56

12th place for $699 in the Borgata Spring Poker Open 2013’s $300 NLH Bounty tourney

141st place for $ 3702in the WSOP 2012’s $1,500 NLH Event 56 tourney

30th place for $485 in the Borgata Spring Open 2010’s $300 NLH Double Play tourney

80th place for $857 in the Borgata Winter Open 2009’s $500 NLH tourney

8th place for $7,620 in the Atlantic City WSOP Circuit Tour 2005’s $1,000 NLH tourney