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2012 PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 1a – Joentausta Is The Early Leader

2012 PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 1a – Joentausta Is The Early Leader

Yet another tournament got underway on Sunday with the PokerStars EPT Main Event Day 1 being played as the 50k final table was going at it in another room. 403 players registered for the first day’s action with them also expecting a huge 600 to take part on Day 1b.

As this day came to an end we were left with just 226 players remaining with the standout performance coming from the chip leader Aku Joentausta, he ended up with a stack of 236,200. He was followed not too far behind by Guy Thomas with 211,100 and the rather unknown Emanoil Savin who held 190,600.

As usual the Team PokerStars Pro players were in attendance with ten of them taking part, three of them though made early exits from the competition. Liv Boeree, Arnaud Mattern and Martin Hruby all fail to make in into Day 2.

The first of the players to hit the 100k mark was Lex Veldius, though he had a few setbacks after he still managed to have 148,800 going into Day 2. Marcin Horecki on the other hand, had a day of complete ups and downs and eventually just scraped through to Day 2 with 14,200.

Other notables who will be back for Day 2 were Pius Hienz who had an average stack of 72,400, which was also the same stack size of Juan Manuel Pastor. Matthias De Meulder with 29,900, Henrique Pinho on 77,800 and Sebastian Ruthenberg holding 95,700 were some other big names hat will be taking part on Day 2 when it commences.

There also two former winners of this event still going fairly strong, both former Barcelona winners martin Schleich and Kent Lunmark were actually at the same table for a little while and have both made it through with stacks of 81,000 and 76,300.


Those that were not so lucky to be taking part on the next day were Sorel Mizzi, Chris Brammer, Michael Tureniec, Jannick Wrang and Anton Wigg. All of them busting out whilst also dashing any hopes of making some money.

Day 1b will proceed on Monday, with a huge amount of players expected. Numbers of around 600 have been mentioned, which will bring the attendance up to other 1000 in total for this tournament. Day 1b normally holds higher numbers in events like this, with many of the biggest names in poker preferring to see what happens on Day 1a before taking their seats.

We will be here to let you know how the second installment of Day 1 pans out, whether any players can trouble the early chip leaders from the first outing.


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