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2012 PokerStars.Net ANZPT Queenstown Day 1a

2012 PokerStars.Net ANZPT Queenstown Day 1a

The first day of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour kicked off with an almighty bang on Tuesday, the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event was like many tournaments the world over, and the attendance for the first day was fantastic. A first day field of 51 took to the tables which broke all of its records for the first day of play. The first day attendance also means it is well on course to beat last year’s total Main Event attendance of 127.

At the end of this first day, the 51 were reduced to 27, who will now go into Day 2. It was Australia’s David Allan who finished the day as chip leader.

Allan is normally better known for his online poker ability; he goes by the tag name of “dave798111” and has a fabulous resume. In this event though most of his chips came late in the day and during this hand:

Allan bet 1,200 when the flop showed 10h 7d 3h, Richard Lancaster then called from the button. The turn came out 4c and Allen fired in another bet of 3350. Lancaster reacted with a re-raise to 7,500 which did make Allen think for good minute or two; however he did make the call.

The river came as 5s, leaving just one of the players having a 6 to make a straight. Allan checked his hand, Lancaster felt he had spotted some weakness and threw in 9,500. Allan called almost instantly. Lancaster gave a little smile, though inside he must have been furious with himself and showed AQ of hearts. Allen had to double check before he showed his cards as he wanted to make sure he had won, and would have been extremely surprised that he did with just an a5 himself.

Other well known players from around this part of the world were there in force; however some of them didn’t make it though the first day such as players like Michael Egan, Jackson Zheng and Minh Nguyen.

Joining up with Allan on day two with a nice selection of chips are players David Wonson, Bobby Zhang and last year’s ANZPT Sydney champion Michael Kanaan.

Each of these players will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner Marcel Schreiner, who took $94,300 back to his homeland of Germany. Let’s have a little look at the top 10 from Day 1a:

David Allan – 98,200

David Wonson – 92,575

Michael Kanaan – 88,350

Laurynas Levinskas – 84,625

Antonin Duda – 79,450

Fergus Spray – 67,250

Gregory Familton – 51,325

Bobby Zhang – 47,700

Cole Swannack – 37,950

Richard Lancaster – 35,700

All of these survivors will join the winners from Day 1b and Day 1c to play on Friday in the Day 2 session. We will be there to keep you up to date on exactly who the winners and losers are.



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