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2012 PokerStars.Net ANZPT Queenstown Day 1B

2012 PokerStars.Net ANZPT Queenstown Day 1B

Following up yesterdays Day 1a, the 2012 PokerStars.Net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour continued today with Day 1b. Today’s total field consisted of 49 players to add to the total of 51 from yesterday, which means if Day 1c can attract more that 21 players they have broken their attendance records for this event.

By the end of the night on Day1a though there were just 31 players left remaining, these will join the survivors of Day 1a and anyone lucky enough to survive tomorrows Day1c in Fridays Day2 session.

The overall chip leader from Day 1b was Ken Demlakian who ran up a healthy chip stack of 70,750. The field for the day was stacked, though nobody could quite match up to Demlakian’s chip count. Many were not even lucky enough to make it through to Day2, with well known players such as Jacky Wang and Alex Lynskey hitting the rails early in this tournament.

Another to fall was final table member Tom Grigg who managed to finish in sixth place last year. He had an up and down day which ultimately ended up on a down. His tournament finally ended when he bet four times the pot and his entire stack with AQ suited, only to be called by an opponent carrying the cowboys or KK. No ace hit the table and that ensured there would be no back to back final table appearances at this tournament.

Players that fared better than all of those eliminated include James Honeybone, Michael Faderson, Billy Argros and Ivan Zalac. All of which will headed into Fridays Day2.

Although Demlakian played well, he didn’t get anywhere near the to the chip leaders from day1a. David Allan still holds the lead after the first day’s action with over 95k chips. Demlakian is actually only in sixth place overall.

There is of course still one more Day1 to play out on Thursday so everything can still chop and change at the top before Day2 kicks off.

Let’s Take A Look At Day1b’s Top 10:

Ken Demlakian – 70,750

James Honeybone – 60,785

Ivan Zalac – 53,350

Corey Kempson – 52,475

Jonathon Dangio – 51,450

Martin Thompsen – 45,700

Ricky Kroesen – 42,450

Ben McLean – 37,650

Mark Wittkopf – 34,650

Billy Argyros – 32,675

All of the 31 lucky survivors now have to wait a day until they next play, whilst they are waiting they can always keep an eye on some of their potential opponents on Thursday’s action. It is all boiling up very nicely for an entertaining Day2 on Friday afternoon.

The local guys will be hoping to take this tournament home, as it was actually a German named Marcel Schreiner who took home the title and prize of $94,300.



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