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2013 Irish Open Adds Extra Side Events

2013 Irish Open Adds Extra Side Events

With Christmas fast approaching, many of the best tournament poker players will be taking a well earned rest and spending the festive period with their families, though they will already be looking forward to some events coming up in the early part of 2013.

One such event is due to be taking place across Easter next year called the 2103 Irish Open. They have now released their full schedule which has thrown up quite a few interesting side events that have been added for next year.

The Irish Open may surprise you by being the oldest NLHE poker tournament in the whole of Europe, whilst it also has the accolade of being the second oldest throughout the world. The only tournament that is older is of course the World Series Of Poker which as you know is held every year in Las Vegas. It was first established in 1981 by the local man Terry Rogers who at the time was a very well known Irish bookie. Throughout the years the tournament has grown almost year on year with it widely recognised for the atmosphere it creates.

It will be kicking off on the 29th of March and will be completed by the 1st of April, whilst the location will again be the Burlington Hotel which is found in Dublin.

The Main Event is always the top attraction and it will be a €2000 + €250 buy-in affair that will run over a duration of four days. For those that cannot afford that buy-in, they will also be holding satellite tournaments with a buy-in of €150 + €20 the day before it starts.

Other events are also available with much lower buy-ins too, such as the €300 + €35 NLHE Turbo event, the €150 + €20 NLHE Scalps event and the €800 + €100 NLHE event.

The Full Schedule!

Thu 28th March at 7.00 pm – (€ 150 + 20) Satellite to Main Event

Fri 29th March – Mon 1st Apr at 1.00 pm – (€ 2,000 + 250) NLHE – Main Event

Fri 29th March at 7.00 pm – (€ 80 + 10) Satellite to €800 Event

Fri 29th March at 9.00 pm – (€ 300 + 35) NLHE – Turbo

Sat 30th March at 3.00 pm – (€ 500 + 60) PLO – Six Handed

Sat 30th March at 4.00 pm – (€ 800 + 100) NLHE

Sat 30th March at 9.00 pm – (€ 300 + 35) NLHE – Turbo

Sun 31th March at 2.00 pm – (€ 200 + 25) NLHE – Main Event

Sun 31st March at 3.00 pm – (€ 500 + 60) NLHE – Six Handed

Sun 31st March at 9.00 pm – (€ 300 + 35) NLHE – Turbo

Mon 1st April at 3.00 pm – (€ 150 + 20) NLHE – Scalps


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