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2013 Schedule Announced For The GUKPT

2013 Schedule Announced For The GUKPT

This year has been a very special and successful one for the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour thus far with the very last event of the tour starting out this week; however they do not seem to want to waste any time for next year, having already announced their schedule of events.

The plans are looking even more remarkable than the year that is almost gone, with there to be prize pools that are guaranteed up to around £1,750,000 million.

2013 will be kicking off where it normally does with the first event being held in London on the 24th of February. The event will be a £1,000+£70 affair and will offer a standard £200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The £1,000+£70 events will all be offering that prize pool guarantee, whilst if you think that those buy-ins are a little bit steep for your budget, there will also be plenty of £500+£50 events scattered throughout the year. The first one of these will be in Stockton and starting on the 3rd of May, these buy-ins will be offering a £50,000 prize pool.

The season will also be finishing in the city that it started, London playing host to the biggest event of the year. The £2,000+£125 event starts on the 12th of November and will carry a huge £400,000 prize pool. This is the event where you are most likely to see some of the highest stakes players in world poker.

Here is the full schedule for the GUKPT during 2013:


Feb 24th to 3rd Mar – London GUKPT Main Tour (£1,000+£70)

Apr 8th to 14th – Manchester GUKPT Main Tour (£1,000+£70)

May 5th to 12th – Stockton GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

May 26th to 2nd Jun – Portsmouth GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Jun 16th to 23rd – Reading GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Jul 7th to 14th – Walsall GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Jul 21st to 28th – Brighton GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Aug 4th to 11th – Bolton GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Sep 15th to 22nd – Manchester GUKPT Deepstack Series (£500+£50)

Oct 13th to 20th – Luton GUKPT Main Tour (£1,000+£70)

Nov 3rd to 10th – Blackpool GUKPT Main Tour (£1,000+£70)

Nov 24th to 1st Dec – London GUKPT Grand Final (£2,000+£125)

Mar 26th to 28th – Coventry Student Championship (£30+£5)

Aug 18th to 25th – Coventry GUKPT Goliath (£100+£20)


The GUKIPT is one of our favourite local tours, with the action that is produced always being of the highest caliber. This is why we will be following each of those events as and when they happen, letting you know just who manages to take home the titles whilst who narrowly misses out.


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