2013 WCOOP And MiniFTOPS XXIII Rumble On (vid)

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It has been great for online poker players of all bankrolls recently as both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have been running their own respective online tournament series. PokerStars has been allowing the larger bankrolls to take part in the ever popular World Championship Of Online Poker whilst Full Tilt Poker has been catering to those that have smaller bankrolls with their MiniFTOPS XXIII series.

The MiniFTOPS actually finishes up today as the Main Event will be getting played out but the WCOOP still has a week to go. Take a look at the three events that were completed last night/today.

WCOOP Event #42 – $320 HORSE $100,000 Gtd

The only event completed at the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker today was this HORSE event that brought in 576 players and created another guarantee beating prize pool of $172,800.

It ended with “buzzard1881” winning the event after a tough heads up battle against “Ceegee87” eventually went his way. He banked $24,309.22 for his troubles along with the WCOOP bracelet.

How It Finished

1st) buzzard1881 – $24,309.22

2nd) Ceegee87 – $20,737.06

3rd) billygstar – $18,422.85

4th) Zbad – $23,708.47

5th) ImDaNuts – $8,640.00

6th) S 18 – $6,048.00

7th) ViTaMin_F22 – $4,320.00

8th) sirgenutz – $3,024.00

9th) RL1D – $2,332.80

10th) capriole – $2,332.80

MiniFTOPS XXIII Event #36 – $22 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $15,000 Gtd

The first MiniFTOPS to be completed yesterday was a $15k guaranteed Omaha Hi/Lo event that brought in 806 players. Once the action was all done and dusted it was “TheFatFISH” that came out on top and took home $3,707.60 for his efforts.

How It Finished

1st) TheFatFISH – $3,707.60

2nd) dein_ENDE – $2,337.40

3rd) hidieri – $1,732.90

4th) 30011976 – $1,329.90

5th) Artem23Ka – $1,007.50

6th) Ruslan5051 – $725.40

7th) Scherfix 97 – $483.60

8th) chris_liv – $377.21

9th) BayAndrew – $274.04

10th) aliali31 – $153.14

MiniFTOPS XXIII Event #37 – $11 No Limit Holdem Rush

Next at Full Tilt we had another popular Rush NLHE event, this time bringing in 1,914 players that created a prize pool of $69,710. The tough event finally revealed the winner as being “pkh89” after he managed to see off “Scouser_Grey” during heads up to claim the first place payout of $13,244.90.

How It Finished

1st) pkh89 – $13,244.90

2nd) Scouser_Grey – $9,180.81

3rd) OriQ9s – $6,483.03

4th) ulDufffer – $4,879.70

5th) samsolo7 – $3,624.92

6th) GEVR9 – $2,648.98

7th) Farzinem – $1,882.17

8th) mister falco                – $1,324.49

9th) kingmiguel3               – $906.23

10th) Onetime Joker – $627.39

If you have not had the time to watch any of the events whilst they were on, why not check out this video of the WCOOP 2013 Event #30.