2013 WCOOP Day 1 – “WithoutNick” Wins First Event

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The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker or “SCOOP” for short, is back with us for its 2013 edition, giving online players even more opportunities to take home large sums of money. Day 1 yesterday started with just three events, a $109 NLHE and two $215 NLHE events.

Only one of those events finished up, with the other two giving their players a good break before recommencing much later today. The event that did finish was Event #1, which we have brought you below.

Event #1 – $109 No Limit Holdem ($500,000 Gtd)

The first event at any World Championship of Online Poker always prove to be one of the more popular of the series, simply because people have been anticipating the events and are keen to dip their toes as soon as possible.

This one brought in a staggering 11,799 players which didn’t only just scrape past the $500k guarantee, but absolutely demolish it with the true figure actually being $1,179,900. This meant there would be 1,520 players paid with the winner obviously taking home the lions share.

The winner on this occasion was the Russian “WithoutNick” after he survived the huge field to eventually get heads up against “herosnappinG” and defeating him for the first place payout of $144,487.07.

How It Finished

1st) “WithoutNickk” – $144,487.07

2nd) “herosnappinG” – $137,632.78

3rd) “lepa lepa28” – $82,593.00

4th) “1_conor_b_1” – $58,995.00

5th) “Ultraballs18” – $47,196.00

6th) “Got 18 today” – $35,397.00

7th) “Eugene_Tung” – $23,598.00

8th) “GotURead” – $11,799.00

9th) # 1 skills – $7,433.37

10th)”PIMPLeon” – $4,955.58

With regards to the other two, Event #2 attracted 662 players into its $205 No Limit holdem, whilst the Event #3 again brought more than 10k as 11,381 players took to the virtual felt. There are 57 and 148 players left respectively in the events, with many big names scattered amongst them.

One such name is the British pro Sam “TheKodFather” Razavi who is still involved in Event #2 and going strong with an above average stack.

Another British Pro who was in the same event didn’t quite make it as far as Razavi but was happy enough with her performance and payout.