2013 WCOOP Pass Halfway Stage

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A total of thirty two and a half events have now been completed at the 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, meaning we are now at the halfway stage of the series. What a series it has been too, with every event so far breaking its particular prize pool.

There were three more events completed earlier today and another that will require another days worth of action tomorrow. Take a brief look at the players that made the best money in the ones completed today.

Event #30 – $1,050 No Limit Holdem $1,000,000 Gtd

This was another of the more popular events during the 2013 WCOOP thus far and it again proved to be a huge success. It brought in 1,664 players to create a $1,644,000 prize pool that would be shared amongst the top 198 finishers. Despite many big names being involved it was eventually “mr.MaxRiper” from Ukraine that came out on top to claim the $246,921.63 winner’s payout.

How It Finished

1st) mr.MaxRipper – $246,921.63

2nd) luckymo32 – $229,838.37

3rd) Fisherman903 – $152,070.00

4th) bparis – $111,792.00

5th) dulek_jason- $80,556.00

6th) guth888 – $64,116.00

7th) joaoMathias – $47,676.00

8th) BOOOMMMM – $31,236.00

9th) hitthehole – $16,933.20

10th) Anjeyyy – $13,809.60

Event #31 $215 5-Card Pot limit Omaha Hi/Lo $150,000 Gtd

Next up we had a bit of five card Omaha action, with 436 players signing up and fancying their chances. This created a prize pool of $210,200 with 60 players grabbing themselves piece of the pie. Once the final table had been completed it was the Australian “V_RouNder” who scooped the bracelet along with the top payout of $40,673.70.

How It Finished

1st) V_RouNder – $40,673.70

2nd) maxxscam – $30,163.70

3rd) mddgfc – $22,596.50

4th) Naoya Kihara – $15,554.80

5th) Anders Berg – $11,140.60

6th) lozzz – $7,146.80

Event #33 – $320 8-Game $150,000 Gtd

The third and final event to finish up today was an 8-game event that attracted 658 players, which was more than enough to shatter the $150k prize pool. Those players actually developed a true figure of $197,000, with 84 lucky players all getting their hands on some of it.

In the end, the player that was the master of eight different variations was “Bassysaffari” after he claimed the scalp of “ninototoroko” heads up to win the bracelet and $36,519 winner’s payout.

How It Finished

1st) Bassysaffari- $36,519.00

2nd) ninototoroko – $27,241.20

3rd) Sykoen – $20,233.50

4th) Chillolini – $13,818.00

5th) talonchick – $9,870.00

6th) batoelrob – $5,922.00

7th) el_batong – $4,046.70

8th) choys – $4,046.70

9th) angrymoron – $4,046.70

10th) octane190 – $2,566.20