2013 WSOP Main Event Coverage on ESPN Begins (vids)

WSOP Main Event

Though the event is still very fresh in everybody’s minds, including ours, ESPN have now started airing the Main Event that finished up last month (except that prestigious final table in November) with episodes each and every Tuesday.

Most of you had to follow all of the action through sites such as ourselves in daily reports, which although good and sufficient, it really is not the way to enjoy what goes on at a poker table.

This means we are now all able to have a look at some of the bigger talking points and action throughout the hugely popular event. The first four video episodes will be concentrating on all of the action from Day 3, with the first two coming from this week’s broadcast on ESPN.

The action in both episodes concentrates on some of the games bigger names, following just how they got on and which of them were eliminated early on in the event. One such player was JC Tran after he was 95% odds on to win his all-in by the turn when his pocket jacks had held up against the pocket sevens of his opponent. However with just two sevens remaining in the deck, one of them showed up on the river to send a shocked JC Tran out of the tournament.

Take a look at the first two instalments of the ESPN coverage of the World Series of Poker below:

ESPN have purposely timed the release of the airings to help to build the anticipation in the run up to the final table, with the final table being shown live by the television station the week after the final episode.

That final table kicks off on the 4th of November and is set to be played across two days until the winner is decided on the 5th.