2014 WCOOP Update – Past Halfway Stage

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The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker has now passed the halfway stage and has provided us with plenty of big winners along the way. We are going to have another look at some of the most recent events and see just who is having a great time at this year’s series.

There are many more winners and many more accounts that have been topped up with some hefty winnings.

Event #35 – $320 No Limit Hold’em

This event continued the success being shown at the WCOOP after a good field of 1,562 players registered and also provided 395 re-entries. After a long and tough event it was “Ch33s3z0r that came out as the winner with a payout of $77,319.

How It Finished

1st) Ch33s3z0r — $77,319.00

2nd) Gordon “[email protected]” Vayo — $57,872.10

3rd) Botond “birs320″ Balázs — $42,174.00

4th) Bobby “ROMDOM” Layne — $28,116.00

5th) ERA7ER — $18,744.00

6th) Robert “rrobert333″ Cezarescu — $11,715.00

Event #36 – $320 2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw has always been a popular choice amongst the high stakes players that play on PokerStars, so it was not too much of a surprise to see a field of 372 take part in this event. This created a prize pool of $111,600 to be shared among the six best finishers. PokerStars Team Online Matthias Brandner was the biggest name on the final table but only managed to finish fourth as “Colisea” instead went on to claim the honours.

How It Finished

1st) Colisea — $19,811.29 (d)

2nd) speedyhanh — $19,806.17 (d)

3rd) SoldMyS0ul — $12,555.00

4th) Matthias ‘Mati312′ Brandner — $8,649.00

5th) Thirteen — $6,417.00

6th) carryhero — $4,185.00

Event #37 – $215 No Limit Hold’em Re-Buy

How It Finished

1st) AJacejackAJ — $101,854.64 (d)

2nd) easylimp — $100,902.51 (d)

3rd) doit4love — $79,448.48 (d)

4th) TryToExploit — $50,360.80

5th) nailuj90 — $36,289.40

6th) benjimurry — $28.883.40

7th) miami1984 — $21,477.40

8th) [email protected] — $14,071.40

9th) Vitobrasil — $7,702.24

Another huge prize pool of $740,600 was created in this event as 1,437 players entered, 1,180 re-bought and 1,086 paid for an add-on. 180 players would share that prize pool and after a three-way deal on the final table it was “AJacejackAJ” that secured the title and a payout of $101,854.64.

Event #38 – $530 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

There were 393 players that decided to take in some Omaha Hi/Lo action and 54 of them would be going home with a piece of the $196,500 prize pool. The top three finishers chopped the prize pool for similar amounts but it was “aDrENalin” who eventually came out on top to claim the title.

How It Finished      

1st) aDrENalin710 — $30,151.71 (d)

2nd) Gigaloff — $28,261.04 (d)

3rd) NeverHoldz — $27,929.35 (d)

4th) aless_84 — $15,720.00

5th) jutrack — $11,004.00

6th) korjae — $8,351.25

7th) Dan “djk123″ Kelly — $6.386.25

8th) aramesko — $4,421.25

9th) sonofchufty — $3,261.90

Event #42 – $320 HORSE

The guarantee for this event was set at $75,000 but a field of 529 ensured that it was doubled to $158,700. 72 players would go home with a payday but it was “NoraFlum” who got the glory after beating the likes of Kevin MacPhee on the final table.

How It Finished

1st) NoraFlum — $29,994.50

2nd) Aftret — $21,979.95

3rd) Kevin “ImaLuckSac” MacPhee — $16,187.40

4th) Marto115 — $11,902.50

5th) RolldUpTrips — $7,935.00

6th) Ulett_23 — $5,554.50

7th) Dosenpfand — $3,967.50

8th) Parasences — $2,777.25