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$400/$800 To Be The Biggest Stakes On Full Tilt Poker

$400/$800 To Be The Biggest Stakes On Full Tilt Poker

Today’s Full Tilt news include the announcement that the highest stakes cash tables they will be offering will be $400/$800 while some of the older players were used to the nosebleed stakes of $1000/$2000 at the site.

The news came as further details about the site were published on the popular poker forum 2+2 by Full Tilt Poker Room Manager Shyam Markus. He stated that there are currently 20 changes to the previous site, which includes the option to pair accounts with others on PokerStars.

This new feature is being used to transfer money to players from countries where FTP will not be operating upon re-launch. These players will have to link their old accounts on Full Tilt to accounts they either already have or have opened up since the site shut down on PokerStars. The money will then be transferred from one account to the other, of which they are then able to withdraw.

Other new features include the “+ Table” function, which allows players to open up an identical table that they are currently playing on and include all players that agree to take their places on that table. That function will certainly appeal to players who like to multi-table when playing. This function can be activated by either enabling it by using the on screen buttons or by using a hot-key combination of Ctrl-Shift –A.

Additionally, for players that like to play heads up, there is a similar function. It is called “Add Table” and allows two players who are currently playing against each other, to open a private table for the two of them without having to worry about others sitting in.

In an attempt to halt slowdowns at tables, a new default setting will come in to play when a new player sits at a table. Any player that sits down will have the “Wait For BB” automatically selected. This is a worthwhile change from the past when players would queue to sit at a table, go to make a cup of coffee or whatever, when whilst they were gone they would sit and automatically be involved in the hand whilst they were not there.

With regards to the high stakes limits, it is widely believed that this is just for now and that if higher stakes become in demand, Full Tilt is likely to make adjustments.


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