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6 Months of High Stakes Online Cash Games

Viktor BlomThe nosebleed Full Tilt and PokerStars cash tables have been full of big cash pots and super plays with equally as many pros making million drops as there have been players making multi-million dollar climbs.

We are at the half a year mark and right now the man leading the way is the super aggressive, or sometimes referred to as hyper-aggressive, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. After not such a good start to July, Blom has pulled back up the rankings by getting back on track to the $4 million profit mark with just under $100,000 to go before he gets there.

All the biggest winners have come courtesy of Full Tilt Poker bar one player, “Odd_Oddsen”, who has been playing superbly on the PokerStars cash tables, raking in a $1,553,930 profit up to the half year mark. However, most of the year it has been a tussle for top place between “PostflopAction” and “Isildur1” with both players constantly swapping positions, but it was “PostflopAction” who has the best of it for the first quarter before “Isildur1” got his stronghold on the top position with “cottonseed1” and “Bttech86” floating in between them.

Top 10 Winners (Up to 4th JULY)

1st “Isildur1” 2283 sessions 228,654 hands – $3,933,502 (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd “cottonseed1” 207 sessions 36598 hands – $3,095,602 (Full Tilt Poker)

3rd “PostflopAction” 887 sessions 63267 hands – $2,714,965 (Full Tilt Poker)

4th “Bttech86” 883 sessions 86,163 hands – $2,399,931 (Full Tilt Poker)

5th “Odd_Oddsen” 1,514 sessions 78193 hands – $1,553,930 (PokerStars)

6th “durrrr” 573 sessions 63,823 hands – $1,484,451 (Full Tilt Poker)

7th “SallyWoo” 186 sessions 24,299 hands – $1,456,497 (Full Tilt Poker)

8th “luvtheWNBA” 83 sessions 8,530 hands – $1,445,924 (Full Tilt Poker)

9th “FinddaGrind” 456 sessions 30,445 hands – $1,419,546 (Full Tilt Poker)

10th “OMGClayAiken” 401 sessions 53,509 hands – $1,380,309 (Full Tilt Poker)

On a grimmer side of the cash tables we can see that those in the red have still not managed to climb out of their hole. “Gus Hansen” started the first quarter with some mega losses. He disappeared for a while and came back, but he has still not managed to pull back on his losses and remains $3,428,777 in the red.

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey is another player who made early first quarter losses of $1,440,502 and in the second quarter, Ivey didn’t improve and instead increased his deficit and since then he has not been a regular feature in the online cash games. He hasn’t been seen in any regular action leaving what is currently a -$2,297,409 deficit behind him.

The only other player recording a multi-million dollar loss is “samrostan”. He was $863,299 down in the first quarter and made a couple of impressive performances, but they were negated with some equally as bad performances and he lost more money than any other player in the online cash games during the second quarter. The exact figure lost was $2,286,864 adding on to his 1st quarterly loss, plus already this July he has lost $201,352. He now has the second highest loss with $3,351,516 going the wrong way.

Top 10 Drops (Up to 4th JULY)

1st “Gus Hansen” 835 sessions 92,766 hands – (-$3,428,777) (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd “samrostan” 342 sessions 33,610 hands – (-$3,351,516) (Full Tilt Poker)

3rd “Polarizing” 680 sessions 52,146 hands – (-$2,297,409) (Full Tilt Poker)

4th “IReadYrSoul” 117 sessions 14,019 hands – (-$1,636,503) (Full Tilt Poker)

5th “patpatpanda” 824 sessions 83,494 hands – (-$1,330,885) (Full Tilt Poker)

6th “mastrblastr” 115 sessions 13,750 hands – (-$1,220,399) (Full Tilt Poker)

7th “Sauce1234” 470 sessions 41,199 hands – (-$1,210,343) (Full Tilt Poker)

8th “punting-peddler” 404 sessions 49,444 hands – (-$1,092,610) (Full Tilt Poker)

9th “MalACEsia” 88 sessions 13,776 hands – (-$1,027,957) (Full Tilt Poker)

10th “CRAIN85” 90 sessions 10,145 hands – (-$925,500) (Full Tilt Poker)

It’s been a great 6 months with some interesting plays to report, with the next 6 months also guaranteed to bring some more surprises, twists and turns on the virtual felts of the online cash games.

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