The 6th edition of the MicroMillions series begins

micromillions λογο

When the MicroMillions series was introduced in the first few months of 2012, nobody expected the string of tournaments to grow out of proportion. It was aimed at helping PokerStars players who couldn’t afford playing at nosebleed limits or buy-in for major tournaments to experience the same thrills as poker professionals. The innovative concept gained traction and now the MicroMillions is one of the most popular online events.

This is the 6th edition and the number of players is on the rise. For micro-stakes players this is one of the few events of this magnitude that they can afford to attend and the prizes are comparable with the ones awarded in regular tournaments. The least expensive events will only set them back 11 cents, with the ones at the opposite end of the spectrum cost $22.

The first prize in the $0.11 tournaments starts at $1,500 but the guaranteed amount is just informative, because every year, winners get significantly more. There is a tournament for everyone, so whether you prefer shorthanded tables or full rings, it is impossible not to find several events that meet your expectations to the letter. The vast majority of the tournaments organised under the MicroMillions brand award five digit prizes to their most successful players, but the Main Event is the highlight of the series.

It is the most expensive one to attend, but then again, everyone has $22 to spare for a tournament that has a guaranteed prize of $150,000. Those who are strapped for cash but wouldn’t miss this event for the world, should know that it is perfectly possible to qualify by paying no more than 55 cents. Satellites run live on a daily basis and there are still a couple of days left before the MicroMillions Main Event begins.

There is another way of winning a significant amount with a tiny investment, besides prevailing in one of the numerous tournaments. Those who finish in the money in multiple events and accumulate enough points to get their names on the MicroMillions Leader Board won’t leave empty-handed. The leader will receive a $215 token granting free entrance in the Sunday Million for the next six months and compete for millions of dollars every week. This explains why regulars and grinders who usually focus on cash games are expected to attend the MicroMillions in greater numbers than in previous seasons.