73-year-old Doug Milner wins HPT Golden Gates Main Event

Stack of chips

The 73-year-old retiree proved once again that poker skill has nothing to do with age and out shined a pack of 713 players to win the $230,582 first-place prize. The buy-in for the Main Event was $1,650 and this led to a prize pool of $1,048,110, which acted as a magnet for many poker players, including pros.

The Heartland Poker Tour Golden Gates Main Event followed a standard format with 9 players making the final table. Doug Milner had a decent stack and knew how to pick his fights, a luxury that Max Chrisp couldn’t afford with his short stack. After being sent to the rail in the very first hand of the tournament, he chose to rebuy and this time he made a deep run.

Max finished in the 9th place and collected just over $20k, while Dan Heimiller joined him soon after when his straight ran into a full house. The player who sent him home was Colin York, who played overly aggressive poker and caused the elimination of three more players. Keith Love was first, while Adam Hudson and Steven Levy went all-in against York only to be eliminated in the same hand. Levy had more chips in front of him and as a result finished in 5th place and collected almost $48k.

With so many scalps at his belt, it came as no surprise that Colin started the heads-up with more chips than Doug Milner, but he failed to finish off his opponent. What was expected to be a sprint turned into a marathon and one pot at a time, Doug clawed his way back in the race. The 73-year-old player got lucky and won a huge pot when his gutshot straight and flush draw improved to a straight on the river.

This was the end of the story as the two players went all in the very next hand and this time Milner won with the better starting hand. The winner secured a $230,000 cheque while the runner up had to settle for $142,857 and both of them could participate in the next event hosted by River City Casino & Hotel in St. Louis, under the HPT brand from Feb. 20 to March 3.

These are the 9 finalists at the Heartland Poker Tour Golden Gates Main Event and their corresponding prizes:

  1. Doug Milner – $230,582
  2. Colin York – $142,857
  3. Ryan White – $92,806
  4. James Richards – $65,507
  5. Steven Levy – $47,899
  6. Adam Hudson – $36,684
  7. Keith Love – $30,710
  8. Dan Heimiller – $25,679
  9. Max Chrisp – $20,962