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PokerStars’ 90 Billionth Hand Coming – Big Prizes Await

PokerStars’ 90 Billionth Hand Coming – Big Prizes Await

It doesn’t seem that long ago that PokerStars was celebrating its 85 Billionth hand; with “som6873” winning it and taking home $26,300 which wasn’t a bad day at the office considering he was playing on the micro stakes of 0.02/0.05 tables and previous best session saw him win $50.

It actually wasn’t that long ago, the 20th of August in fact, which means that in approximately three months there has almost been another 5 billion hands played at PokerStars. That is a huge number of hands when you think about it.

The 85 Billionth Hand!

When that hand occurred, the whole of PokerStars was paused for the inaugural moment to be played out, with a message being displayed on each table informing them of what was happening and at what table. That table was called “Josephina” and as a result it attracted hordes of railbirds flocking to it to watch as the special occasion unfolded.

Despite it taking a while for the actual players on the table to realise exactly what was going on, they did eventually and the hand was played out. With big money at stake, you would expect each player to simply push all-in to at least have that chance of victory and that is exactly what happened. “som6873” was the player who won whilst hitting a pair of kings on the flop which was good enough to win the hand. He won the pot of about $35 and of course $26k on top.

The Upcoming 90 Billionth Hand!

By our reckoning this means that the 100 billionth hand should be hitting somewhere in April next year, which is going to be the “really” big one, where the prices are set to be monumental.

However, let’s take it 5 billion hands at a time and concentrate on the 90 billionth for now. The hand is set to be hit sometime in the next couple of weeks but the promotion is set to start in the next couple of days.

PokerStars will be paying out players who are dealt into the milestone hands running up to the 90 billionth. Every millionth hand between 89,700,000,000 and 90,000,000,000 will be paid out on if you are involved in it, that means there will be 300 chances to win.

The players that are involved in the 90 billionth hand though are set to make the biggest money, with the winner of the hand taking home at least $20,000. Additionally, depending on who wins the hand and just how many VPPS they are holding could end up propelling the prize to be far bigger.



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