A New Day and New Winner – “John R Turk”

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It was a name that not many have heard of, but now have. “John R Turk” a pot limit Omaha and NLH specialist was the big winner in yesterday’s online poker showdowns.

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey also got his act together and finally cracked the online poker scene with a profit to shave off some of those losses so far this month. Ivey is a massive high stakes cash player and a nine time WSOP bracelet winner, but his 2013 form on the Full Tilt tables has been to say the least shockingly bad for a player of his magnitude. Despite his 2013 losses, Ivey has still won more money on Full Tilt Poker than any other player raking in $19,242,744 since he signed up.

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey was on the 2-7 Triple Draw as well as the Omaha Hi/Lo tables. He took down $185k in one session sending Viktor “Isildur1” Blom down to turnover yet another 6 figure loss. “cottonseed1” also took a bit of beating from Ivey. “Isildur1” and “cottonseed1” are two of the biggest online winners in 2013, but the all-time winner was there to teach them who’s still boss of the cash games.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “John R Turk5” – $328,903

2nd “luvtheWNBA” – $188,883

3rd “Polarizing” – $97,703

4th “Kamaldon” – $91,882

5th “proudlikeagoat” – $90,841

It was great to see “luvtheWNBA” come back to regain some of those losses from the last few days poker, and “proudlikeagoat”  rushed into the profit zone after yesterday he lost $512,051. Still the headline of the day was a player who has only really pulled in around $300k in total earnings playing on the high stakes tables, and he made double that playing five sessions and only 235 hands along the way.

During his session, there was a massive $259k pot after landing a set on the flop and then after the turn his set turned into a full house. Unfortunately for “HelicopterBen82” the board pairing gave him trips on the turn, meaning he wasn’t going to get away from this hand putting “John R Turk” on top pair instead. That loss put “HelicopterBen82” in bad shape for the rest day landing him with one of yesterday’s third biggest losses.

Turk was up $240k in just a matter of three hours when he swapped over to another table where he took down a massive $119k later on, and it took just 16 minutes to get there. “CaII_911” was another player to build up a massive loss against “John R Turk”. “CaII_911” pushed all-in only to find he was ahead, but his failure to shove all his chips into the middle earlier gave “John R Turk” the lead.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Losses

“CaII_911” (-$370,930)

“MalACEsia” (-$200,875)

“HelicopterBen82” (-$155,652)

“Isildur1” (-$118,308)

“Gus Hansen” (-$112,000)