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Action-packed Day 2 at Event #11 $2,500 NLHE Six Handed

field of Event #6 in WSOPDay 2 of the WSOP Event #11: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed was an eventful one and after 10 more levels, the play field was reduced to 14 players. 924 players bought in and only 122 made it after the first day, with the survivors returning for Day 3, confident in their chances of making the final table.

Big names left the tournament, chip leaders changed often but what matters is that when Day 3 resumes, Levi Berger will be the one with a commanding stack. A combination of smart plays and a great deal of luck propelled him to the top of the food chain, his 1.42 million chips being almost double what the next in line can brag about. Tuan Lee and Scott Clements complete the podium, while former chip leader Tamara Tibbles fell to sixth place, with a bit over 400,000 chips.

There were more than a handful of memorable hands, but one that was both impressive and significant was played by current chip leader Levi Berger and James Carroll. The latter went all in with pocket aces and Berger was overconfident in his queens, calling right away only to have the third queen hitting the board. Carroll was sent reeling and Levi leapfrogged several players in one swift move, never giving up the lead and is now favourite to win his first WSOP bracelet.

An unassuming hand was played by Chris Moorman and Gonia, with the former being dealt Q-10 and moving all in with a middle pair on the flop. His opponent was more than glad to call with a set of 10s and knocked him off in the 25th position. It goes without saying that Chris was frustrated with the manner in which this hand ended, and shared his discontent with his followers on Twitter:

14 players are left in the race and all their names and corresponding chip stacks are listed below:

1. Levi Berger – 1,420,000

2. Tuan Le – 873,000

3. Scott Clements – 842,000

4. Eddy Sabat – 694,000

5. Jacob Bazeley – 638,000

6. Tamara Tibbles – 418,000

7. David Gonia – 405,000

8. Peter Turmezey – 397,000

9. Clifford Goldkind – 318,000

10. Luke Vrabel – 226,000

11. Marcio Cid – 188,000

12. Gary Pearce – 188,000

13. Ben Palmer -178,000

14. Mickey Petersen – 145,000



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