Ali Tekintamgac Sent To Prison For Cheating

Hand in jail

After many years of alleged cheating during poker tournaments, it seems that finally the evidence has been strong enough to prosecute him. According to the German online publication Augsburger Allgemeine, he was sentenced to three years and five months on the 11th of July at the Augsburg District Court for constantly cheating whilst playing poker.

He was reportedly arrested in September on charges relating to suspicion of fraud. This included the running of an international cheating ring that often operated during both live cash games and at poker tournaments. He pled guilty during the trial confirming that the rumours that he was allegedly cheating were fully justified.

Accusations of his cheating first arose back in 2010 in the World Poker Tour Spanish Championship when he won the event and €278,000. These accusations increased later in the year and the Partouche Poker Tour kicked him off the final table of their Main Event after they felt they had enough evidence to suggest he was cheating.

The methods that he used were to have fake members of the media standing behind his opponents during hands and relaying to him through gestures the sorts of hand that they were holding. You can see one such incident during the WPT Spanish Championship below when he won the tournament.