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$763,478.60 Won In Road To PokerStars 100 Billion So Far

$763,478.60 Won In Road To PokerStars 100 Billion So Far

In case you have missed the news over the past week, PokerStars have been running their latest Road To 100 Billion promotion. In fact they have already handed out ¾ of a million in total so far, with the official total standing at $763,478.60 to date.

These awards have been handed out to players for not even doing much in particular; it is just their way of rewarding their loyal customers as they look to celebrate each milestone hand.

To win a bonus a player has to be involved in one of the milestone hands, these hands are every millionth hand that occurs between the 89,700,000,000 and the 90th billionth. All players at the table when each of those hands is played out will win a bonus, with the winner of the particular hand of course winning the largest slice.

Each time a milestone hand happens, each and every table on the site is paused momentarily so that everybody knows what is going on. An announcement shows up telling all of the players that a milestone hand is happening and at what table.

As It Stands!

As things stand, there are just 59 million hands left to go until the big one at 90 billion; however that also means there are 59 more milestone hands to be rewarded. The 90th billionth will of course be the big one, with rewards set to be massive.

The 90th Billionth Set To Hit Today!

If there was ever a day to be playing at PokerStars it is today, as it is predicted that the 90th Billionth will hit at some point. There is a countdown in the PokerStars lobby which will tell you just how many hands are remaining until the 90th billionth is met.

So if you have an account, it would be worth getting over to the site as quickly as possible, you never know you could be winning thousands in rewards.

The biggest payout so far was won by “yandex” who won $20,345,20 after winning a milestone hand in which he managed to hit the nuts on the flop. Here are the results from that particular hand:

lion506 – ($4,799.00)

piperpaper – ($7,432.40)

RaisemyNut$ – ($4,376.60)

vestimokrec – ($4,480.40)

xcgxcg2005 – ($4,347.80)

yandex182 – ($20,345.20)

That came to a total of $45,781.40 for the whole table, which has been the biggest reward paid out so far in this latest Road To 100 Billion promotion, yet that is going to be easily beaten when the megahand is dealt for the 90th Billionth.


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