Ami Barer beats Dan Cates in ten hours PLO marathon

mouse and money

The rivalry between Ami Barer and Dan Cates and the outcome of the 10 hours Pot Limit Omaha marathon that took place last night was breathtaking. The two poker professionals met at the $100/$200 tables and played two sessions of roughly 5 hours each, with Barer winning both of them for a total of $133,000. The Canadian won an additional $16,000 at the $50/$100 Pot-Limit Omaha tables against “Carloooo13″ to finish the day $149k up.

Barer and Cates started to play early in the morning and “UhhMee” took an early lead and never allowed his opponent to close the gap. When the pair decided to take a break, Ami was $65,000 ahead and had a psychological advantage over his opponent when the game resumed in the evening. Once again, Barer took the lead but “Jungleman12″ fought back and despite being $180k down at one point, he salvaged $50k.

This is not the first time that the two poker professionals meet at Pot-Limit Omaha tables and both of them feel comfortable playing at these limits. It is only fair to assume that they will take a break to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, but it is almost certain that they will lock horns again in early January. This time, the Canadian emerges victorious, but Cates will have plenty of opportunities to offset his loss.

Elsewhere, “guinor”, deamon10” and “wilhasha” won significant amounts, although only the former came close of crossing the $100,000 threshold. He won $92k at PokerStars playing Pot-Limit Omaha at $50/$100 tables, winning most of the money at heads-up.

These were the most profitable four players yesterday:

UhhMee – $148.700

guinor – $92.500

deamon10 – $40.600

wilhasha – $36.400