Analysing the game dynamic

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One of the key skills of a NLHE cash game player that plays at full ring is to understand the table dynamic. Each one is different and unique although many game dynamics do have strong similarities. So what do I mean by “game dynamic”? Well firstly it is the sum total of all possible factors that affect how a particular poker game actually plays out. For example how deep each opponent is has to be considered as a factor along with their seating position. Another such factor is in how aggressive or passive your opponents are and where they are sat.

The list of variables is quite long and so it is no surprise to discover that each one is almost individually unique. A poker game is in a constant state of change but this is what makes the game so fascinating. Let us look at the dynamic of an online poker game compared to that of a live game. For starters there are usually limitations in place online with regards to how many big blinds you can buy in for which tends to be 100bb. A lot of players believe wrongly that this is a deep stack…… it isn’t.

The poker site doesn’t want sharks taking a fishes’ money in one swoop and the fish then leaving the site for good. The poker site has spent considerable money in attracting new players to their site and they certainly want to see the fruits of their labour so to speak by having the players that arrive play poker for as long as possible and to have the best possible time in doing so.

So in a way then a good winning poker player is similar to a card counter inside a casino. Sure the casino likes the thought that blackjack is a beatable game because it attracts people to the casino in the belief that they can do the same. So the fact that blackjack is a game where skill and knowledge makes a difference is part of its attraction. However the casino certainly doesn’t want professional blackjack players making a living from the game.

This may sound counter-intuitive but the casino is a place where entertainment is provided and nothing else. This entertainment needs to be paid for and that payment comes from the house edge within the actual games. So in no way does a casino want to provide a source of “income” for someone…… this is not its purpose and anyone that tries to take an income from a casino is actually a threat to the entire operation.

You also have to keep in mind that if we were to take this to an extreme and every single player could make money from a casino then the casino would fail to exist. It is the same with online poker because poker sites like the thought that poker is a game of skill and this is why it attracts so many people. However good players that drain money from the online poker economy are certainly not wanted. So the site takes measures to ensure that certain game dynamics are present that blunt the effectiveness of a good poker player.