Andrew Brokos Talks Flipout Strategy

Full Tilt Poker Flipout Tournaments

The Flipout tournament format over at Full Tilt Poker has become very popular at the site since its inception just three months ago, leading a to a number of players using this format as one of their primary sources of income.

However, what sort of strategy does this format require to allow a player be consistently successful?

Andrew Brokos has a few ideas and he has shared them in a recent interview with Full Tilt Poker Blog. The interview sees him asked questions about the format such as:

Flipout Tournaments are a bit unlike any pre-existing MTT. What do you think serious MTT playersbankroll considerations should be for the format?”

Actually I think Flipout tournaments are quite like a pre-existing MTT: the satellite. The big difference I see isnt so much in the flipout aspect of the tournament, which is really just a way of nonupling the buy-in. Obviously no one has any sort of skill advantage on the flip, so playing one of these is comparable to playing a regular tournament with 9x the buy-in.”

Brokos certainly has an authority on online poker tournaments having won a large number of them over the years including one of the biggest payouts at the site from one. He netted $450k back in 2010 when he took down an event during FTOPS XVI.

He also regularly keeps his followers informed of what is going on in his life through his blog and is also a co-host for the popular and informative ‘Thinking Poker Podcast’.

If you have yet to play the Flipout format or are not enjoying too much success with them, then taking in his thoughts are sure to help you get off in the right direction. He gives his views and opinions which will have you thinking about the format in a completely different manner.