Andrew Robl will face JC Alvarado in a MMA fight

MMA fight

Many fail to see the connection between poker games and MMA fights, but Andrew Robl and JC Alvarado are looking forward to facing each other in the octagon. The two of them have squared off at the poker tables more than once, and although they don’t have anything against each other, they are set to fight in November. It’s been quite a while since two poker players traded the poker tables for a ring, but the last time two of them met in a fight, the outcome was surprising to say the least.

Back then Lex Veldhuis knocked out Bertrand Grospellier and the most surprising aspect of the fight was not the outcome, but the manner in which Lex prevails. Any doubts about how seriously the two players took the fight were shattered, when the eventual winner threw a kick to the head that knocked out his French opponent. Robl hopes for a similar outcome against JC Alvarado and given the fact that he trains hard every day, this appears to be more than wishful thinking.

This confrontation was rather spontaneous, with Robl issuing an open challenge to Sorel Mizzi and after the other poker player accepted it the two of them were supposed to meet in a cage this year. The fight was scheduled for early June, but Mizzi decided not to fight anymore and Robl told the media that he was a bit disappointed by this outcome. The stakes were as high as they get, with the winner to take home a total amount of $50,000, which explains why Andrew was training so hard for this fight.

Regardless of the motives that convinced Sorel Mizzi that he will be better off not fighting Andrew, Robl found a new opponent and resumed training right away. The next fight is scheduled for November, but he has no intention to wait for autumn to prepare for this confrontation. The poker player is also attending the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, but finds time to train at the One Kick’s Gym, where he spends several hours every day.

He allowed the media to catch a glimpse at his training sessions and told those interested that he focuses mostly on standup fighting. Robl is confident that his jujitsu skills are superior to his opponent’s and assumes that the latter will do everything in his power to avoid taking the fight to the ground. He has a personal coach and is highly motivated to win the fight, especially with him being the favourite and putting up almost twice as much money as his opponent. If Robl wins he will receive $20,000, while J.C. Alvarado is fighting for a cheque of $34,000.