Annie Duke Releases Statement on Ultimate Bet Cheating

Annie Duke

Cheating in online poker has always been a hot topic, and the same response is always given. Now Ultimate Bet will be paying the price as a tape recording has revealed that cheating does go on confirming suspicions that the site has been ripping off its customers.

A few days ago publicised that a recording had been released that explained that software known as “God Mode” was used to reveal other players hole cards on the poker tables.

Now Annie Duke, who represented the company as a spokesperson, has opened Pandora ’s Box unravelling more about the mystery of the sites strange goings on in a 1,200 word article written on her Facebook page.

In her statement she revealed that players and insiders of the company had certainly been using software known as “God Mode” that had allegedly been used to rip the sites customers off to the tune of $23 million between 2003 and 2007. A few days ago the estimated figure was around $50 million, so right now we are looking at a figure between $20 and $50 million worth of cash being stripped from players at the site.

Duke felt she has no choice but to reveal her knowledge of the software due to a statement issued by Russ Hamilton, a former cheat on the site in question. Hamilton claims she used the software on several occasions to cause a time-delay, but he didn’t actually say that she was a part of the cheating racket that has ruined the sites reputation. Her Facebook statement has been backed up by John Vorhaus and Jo Priam, the executives of the corporation, both of which Annie has had a long time working relation with in UB and in the unsuccessful Epic Poker League. She also doesn’t deny using the time delay software on Twitter, but it seems when she did use it, it wasn’t to cheat.


Phil Hellmuth, who actively represented the site up until 2010, has also issued his own statement. He strongly denies any involvement and has openly expressed his disgust towards anyone involved in any form of foul play on the site.

Annie Duke has said that if she had known what was happening at the site, that the God Mode software was being used, she would never have agreed to continue her work with the site. She also went on to say that the cover ups that are now going on are shocking or words to that effect.

Duke has now completely separated herself from the site since her involvement in the design, and now relinquishes any ownership in the sites rise, due to the fact that her part in ensuring the site was designed to give poker players exactly what they needed to play a fair game appears to have been smoke and mirrors behind the scenes without her knowledge.


Have you heard scuttlebutt about a book being written about these guys. Someone that works for them sent first draft and its been accepted. True or rumor has anyone heard anything