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Another Massive Win for “Tight-Man1” on the NLHE Tables

money in the airIt was a second day of fanatic poker play from “Tight-Man1”, who for the second day in a row pulled in a $500k plus profit playing $400/$800 No Limit Hold’em.

Before yesterday “Tight-Man1” was up by $559,244 and yesterday he added to that figure again with another huge upswing. This time he exceeded his previous day’s performance by topping up with another $610,576, making it close to a $1.2 million upswing in the space of just 48 hours.

Yesterdays Top 5 Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “Tight-Man” – $610,576

2nd “Denoking” – $514,889

3rd “Trueteller” – $176,782

4th “forhayley” – $26,439

5th “limmouse” – $25,345

In the morning session “Tight-Man” took $220k away with him before coming back for a lunch time session where he smashed the tables for another $150k. Come the evening and he was still in the mood for taking more cash, and it was the last third of the day where he took the majority of his winnings adding another $241k to his day’s earnings.

“Tight-Man1” was also involved in the largest pot of the day against that man Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Both players had all their cash in on the flop. The players risked the $296k pot with a “Run it Twice” option enabled. “Isildur1” was holding a low flush draw 6s-7s and so with the “Run it Twice” option, he was looking like he was in a good position with some great equity on this bet, considering “Tight-Man1” had just paired Kings with his Ah-Ks against two turns and rivers at the flush.

The board read 3s-Kc-Qs, but the turn came 4c and 6d the first time around and 9h on the turn and 2h on the river. It was a huge loss for Blom and added to what was a bad day at the tables for him after he dropped a total of $253,506. $46,138 of those losses came from the Pot Limit Omaha tables, but Blom did manage to take some profit winning $111,988 on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables, but in the end he lost a massive $319,357 on the NLH games.

Yesterdays Top 5 Biggest Online Poker Losses

“MalACEsia” $858,478

“Isildur1” $253,506

“KPR16” $112,012

“Bttech86” $61,176

“Rhje” $49,212

The day’s biggest drop came from “MalACEsia”. After losing close to $80k yesterday, he added to a bad few days of poker. Before this he was well up in the money with a massive $204,000 win going his way, but this was to be worn away and yesterday he suffered one of his biggest single day defeats in his online poker career.

All in all it was good to see Blom back on the scene. He still remains online poker’s highest earner despite his week’s losses.

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