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Another Poker Pro Added Τo Τhe Ivey Training Camp

shutterstock_128928221Toby Lewis has signed up to Ivey’s new poker coaching website and he joins the new online super site as pro number 30 of Team Ivey.

The site is still in the process of its final touches before it is launched publicly on the Web. The poker community has long been in anticipation and it is good to see a growing list of poker pros taking the opportunity to be part of what looks like the makings of a very good online poker training website.

Lewis is well regarded on the live poker scene with over $4.2 million in tournament earnings. Under his belt he already has the €5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event title in 2010 European Poker Tour where he cashed his way into €467,836 plus he rocketed his way to another title in the €1,000 No Limit Hold’em EPT London tournament netting himself a cool £67,400.

To top this off, his World Series of Poker showings have helped him bag eight cashes with his latest finish 13th in the European WSOP Main Event where he pulled out €43,320 from the prize pool in Cannes, France.

Online he is also proving to be a poker success where he can be found playing under the screen name “810ofclubs” at the biggest site in poker, PokerStars. Here, in the TCOOP he went strong and picked up $68,676 while taking down the winner’s prize and in the SCOOP he played another solid poker performance that left him six places shy of picking up what would have made 2 online poker big tournament cashes. His 6th place effort in the $10,000 SCOOP’s Main Event in 2011 still didn’t go unrewarded as he topped up his bankroll with $170,000.

As it was announced the young pro was going to be number 30 on Phil Ivey’s list of supporting pros, he commented on his delight that he had the opportunity to extend his poker career. He went on to explain that his association with the IveyPoker website is just the thing that will help him achieve this.

Lewis is still only 23 years old and the Englishman from Hampshire still has a bright future ahead of him. He joins three other poker pros from England by way of James Dempsey, a well know pro on the circuit, and additionally Mathew Frankland plus John Eames.

As a poker coach, with his youth and fresh outlook on the game he is definitely sure to make an impact on many young and old poker player’s outlook on the game. With such youth, Lewis has already has a modern outlook on the game that more than matches some of the big guns.

The all new IveyPoker online coaching pre launch was made known in October last year and is expected to go live any time soon. With what we have seen so far it looks like Ivey has come up with an idea that many poker players have been calling out for since online poker started to burst into popularity.


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