Another successful night of poker for Isildur1


The Swedish poker player sat down at Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw tables once again and the night session proved to be very lucrative. He came just $2,000 short of winning $200k, with his main opponents being Gus Hansen and PostflopAction in 2-7 Triple Draw and DrugsOrMe, GGoffi and Van Marcus in Pot Limit Omaha.

Isildur1 started the night on a high note by winning $125k playing pot limit Omaha and relatively low stakes for someone used to nosebleed limits. DrugsOrMe, GGoffi and Van Marcus couldn’t stop the Swede and immediately after his victory, he moved to $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Gus Hansen and PostflopAction were waiting here, but neither of them were more successful and Blom added another $247,000. Unfortunately for him, he squandered a significant chunk of those profits, more precisely $190,000 at $2k/$4k Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables where he got outplayed by SallyWoo.

It looked like Gus Hansen was heading for another significant defeat, one of many in 2013 but somehow the Danish poker player found a way to offset those losses. He was much more successful at PLO and FLO8 tables, stripping Ben Tollerene of $84,400 in less than an hour and won an additional $177,000 from Kyle “KPR16″ Ray and FLO8 tables. $93k went to Isildur1 but even so, he finished the day up by $170k. Overall, November has been a pretty good month for Gus, but considering the massive losses suffered earlier this year, these gains represent nothing more than a pale consolation.

Interesting enough, both players who lost a lot of money to Isildur1 finished the nightly session about the profitability line. PostflopAction was unsuccessful at 2-7 Triple Draw tables against Blom, but he had no problems in dismantling Patrik Antonius at the same high limits. Early in the morning, the two players sat down at $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables and “FinddaGrind” lost $177,000.

Patrik Antonius would have been better off going to sleep early that morning, but the Russian poker player lingered for a bit too long as well. He lost $25,000 in the next couple of hours, before ending the session $142k up and earning a well-deserved spot among the most successful players of the day.

Check out the list of top winners and the corresponding amounts won:

Isildur1 – $197.500

Gus Hansen – $169.800

SallyWoo – $165.800

PostflopAction – $141.900