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“ante_geia_AA” Wins Last Sunday Million For 2012

“ante_geia_AA” Wins Last Sunday Million For 2012

The last big event on PokerStars in 2012 finished up last night with the completion of the Sunday Million, with the final winner of the year being “ante_geia_AA” who took down a very nice $243,954.96 for his efforts.

He overcame a huge field of 8,292 players, which completely trashed the $1 million prize pool guarantee, with there being an extra $658,400 on top of it.

It would take us far too long to talk all of the way through what happened, so we are going to skip straight to the final table, where the chip leader at this point was the eventual winner “ante_geia_AA” with around 18.4 million chips, though right behind him was “flavioreis88”.

The Final Table!

ante_geia_AA – 18,433,570

flavioreis88 – 18,031,971

Yukon2000 – 7,684,348

Rumtschech – 9,735,061

22tinga – 5,310,634

Afterpub – 7,320,097

Mr_Bean122 – 2,880,108

aakiss1990 – 10,032,547

obina9 – 3,491,664

That table was set during the 39th level, with the blinds running at 200k/400k with an additional ante of 40k. As in most cases, the play began ever so slowly at first, with each player trying to get a feel of their opponents.

The first player to go home was “22tinga” as his Kh-Qd could not hit anything to beat the pocket threes of “Yukon2000”. That elimination seemed to get things moving a bit quicker as we then lost “obina9” who got in a classic A-A vs K-K clash against “ante_geia_AA” with his opponent holding the pocket rockets and surviving the board.

Seventh place was reserved for “Rumtschech” who couldn’t find an ace to match his Ah-Qc against the pocket kings of “Aakiss1990”. To bring us down to just five remaining, “Mr_Bean122” lost in a hand that was identical to the one before, with his AQ being no good against the pocket kings of “ante_geia_AA”.

Five Left!

We then lost two players in very quick succession as both “Afterpub” and “Aakiss1990” departed at the hands of “Flavioreis88” and “ante_geia_AA” respectively. This left us with just three players left to fight it out for the title for the last Sunday million in 2012.That was quickly reduced to two players within just two hands as “Flavioreis88” pushed all-in with Ac-Ad and was called by the Js-8d of “ante_geia_AA”. It all looked good right until the turn and river as both spiked a jack apiece to send “Flavioreis88” out and wondering what just happened.

It would be fair to say that “ante_geia_AA” had a substantial chip lead, as he had a 14-1 advantage, which ensured the heads up session would be over quickly. The final hand again saw “ante_geia_AA” strike it lucky. He was holding the Jh-4d and was up against the Ks-5d of “Yukon2000” but spiked a 4c on the river to take down a deserved victory.

How It Finished!

ante_geia_AA – $243,954.96

Yukon2000 – $178,278.00

flavioreis88 – $124,380.00

aakiss1990 – $82,920.00

Afterpub – $66,336.00

Mr_Bean122 – $49,752.00

Rumtschech – $33,168.00

obina9 – $18,242.40

22tinga – $12,852.60


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