Esfandiari goes on holiday to meet up with friends

Antonio Esfandiari

Poker players spend the vast majority of their time in casinos or playing their favourite game online, but even they need to take breaks every now and then. Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most prominent pros in this industry, famous for his card tricks and his performance at high-stakes tournaments including the “Big One for One Drop”. He took a brief vacation from poker and his holiday circuit included Ibiza and Barcelona, with the destination being Stockholm where he met Bill Perkins and Jeff Gross.


The three players traded the poker table for a regular one, more suitable for drinking and after a lengthy drinking session, Esfandiari made a bet that he will have a hard time winning. Poker fans know all too well that Antonio is a big fan of prop bets and saw him making some of the most surprising bets ever to be made at the poker table. This time he might have gone a bit too far, because his friends challenged him to refrain from any sexual activity for a full year with the stakes being set at $500,000.


It comes as no surprise that after Antonio woke up the next morning he thought twice about following through on this bet. His buddies made sure that the poker community got wind of this prop bet and both Perkins and Gross tweeted their followers. The stakes are as high as they get but for a poker professional who won tens of millions, the money alone won’t be a reason to relinquish his chances at intimacy.


So far Antonio kept quiet on Twitter, but his followers should stay put because Esfandiari will surely offer some clarifications or at least state his intentions about this bet. Meanwhile, he settled for a tweet about the gathering and an Instagram picture depicting his friend Jeff Gross drinking champagne.


     location ibiza
location ibiza

Hmm,hope so they will enjoy their vacation..I'm glad to read this post or know some unique things about the 

Esfandiari..Thank you so much to share their personal travel experience with us..!!