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Antonius And Lieu The New Big Name ISPT Ambassadors!

The International Stadiums Poker Tour has been out recruiting yet again, this time with the captures of both Patrik Antonius and Liz Lieu. They have both jumped on board as ambassadors for the first ever ISPT event which is to be staged in Wembley Stadium in London next year.

Antonius has already been spotted with an ISPT patch whilst playing in the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event this week which has been steeped in controversy. Hopefully there will be no such controversy with this proposed event, especially concerning guaranteed prize pools not being matched by the organizers.

He has stated on the International Stadiums Poker Tour website that he was always attracted to the huge scale of the event, whilst he always likes to be involved with brave new concepts. His new colleague Lieu also made a statement saying that “The ISPT is being bold and very creative and are looking to pioneer the world of poker, this event is sure to create a great bit of positive attention to the game of poker”, she then added that she is very much looking forward to the whole concept and is grateful for being allowed to be part of something that should make poker history.

They join Sam Trickett and Michael Mizrachi as the other big name ambassadors for the event which is set to have 30,000 players taking part in the national stadium of England. The prize pool is set to be huge with figures of £20 million being touted.

There have been a lot of people who think that the logistics of this event will be too hard to put into practice, especially the fact that there needs to be 30,000 laptops provided for the players for the first few stages. Once the field gets reduced to 3,000 they then head for tables to be placed on the turf of the world famous sporting stadium.

The stadium has already confirmed that there has been a booking for the tournament, whilst the local council has also given the event the green light to go ahead. This all points to the fact that this much questioned event could be going ahead as planned.

We personally cannot wait; if this turns out to be successful it could even challenge the likes of the WSOP, perhaps not in traditional and historical values but certainly with regards to the size. If the event is successful they plan to take the event across all of the biggest stadiums and cities in the world.

Once it does get underway, we will be there to let you know all of the ups and downs that are involved, just as we are in any poker tournament.



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