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Antonius Makes His Online Comeback

shutterstock_102934328After an ominous start to 2013, Patrik Antonius has proved why he his knocking on the doors of Phil Ivey as one of the best cash players out there.

His recent online battle versus Rui Cao has given him a new perspective for 2013 with a massive $650k profit so far. The challenge involves 3 styles of poker each valued at around $300k in cash. Antonius’s ROI was looking a little shady before the challenge was offered resulting in a negative $350k in just 2 days of returning to Full Tilt. Since his mid January blow out at the tables, he has managed to pull himself back to a positive $900k. Things have begun to return as they were before Full Tilt’s Black Friday shut down.

One of the hardest things for Antonius to stomach was the fact he had at least a 6 figure number stuck in the realms of Full Tilt’s financial fiasco. Considering he was playing $200/$400 tables a 3-bet alone is $1200 and to continue into a hand as aggressively as Antonius does and this would have often resulted in betting 5 to 10 times this amount up to the river bringing an average hand up to around $5000 to stay in. If you want to play at these tables seriously then you should then be buying into the cash table for up to $100k plus.

Antonius in an interview explained that he was in for a colossal loss if Full Tilt didn’t come back online, however it was then after the interview that Antonius in fact had only $100 in his account, which was something that sparked Antonius to question why anyone would know this and announce this information publicly. The fact is, why would you lie about something like that? It’s not like Antonius is an attention seeker. Later it was revealed that he was owed $2.4 million by one player and another $2 plus by other players on the site.

With all this money stuck online and the fact he lost his deal as one of the Full Tilt pro team Antonius took a bit of a knock back it has meant Antonius’s online poker skills to begin with were looking a bit rusty, which was especially noticeable when he started his recent online challenge versus Cao. Antonius had to be coached by Cao in order for him to top up. Something Antonius either never uses because when you are that good there is no need to top up or a sign of his almost 2 years of irregular online poker play.

Now all the woes and worries are over and Antonius most likely has all his money back from the Black Friday shutdown and even though he made a rough start to his return to Full Tilt poker he is now looking on top. Plus with the ‘Cao’ challenge also drawing to end Antonius, looks set to walk away with another $1 million to add to his online comeback.



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