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ANZPT Perth Main Event Reaches Final Table

shutterstock_120392737As yesterday’s ANZPT in Perth was being played out it was local boy James Broom who had managed to climb to the top of the pile with an extended lead, but today saw 3 of Day 2’s top 5 drop out.

Broom was left at the end of Day 3 with a little under 27% of his Day 2 chip stack left in front of him. As he lost chips, so did 3 more Day 2 top 5 contenders, as Feizpour came 14th , just missing on the final table along with Zawadowicz out in 12th cashing for $7,700. Lane dropped out much earlier back in 21st with $4,400.

Top 5 at the End of Day 2

1st James Broom 317,300

2nd Pawel Zawadowicz 268,300

3rd Lori Yogo 248,700

4th John Lane 232,300

5th Mohammed Feizpour 212,000

In the end it was only Lori Yogo who managed to stay in contention moving up from 3rd chip leader at the end off Day 2 to chip leader by the time Day 3 broke off. Day 3 saw Lori add another 675,700 chips to his stack putting him just in front of Dejan Divkovic, who is a relatively new player coming onto the poker scene in 2012. The Bosnian and Herzegovina resident has made an impressive first trip outside of Europe with his last 2 showings in Bulgaria and Austria.

With the top two players way out in front and relatively unknowns this is a difficult final table to predict who will grab the $114,000 1st prize payout.

Final Table

Lori Yogo 993,000 Seat 5

Dejan Divkovic 904,000 Seat 9

Dale Marsland 674,000 Seat 1

Colin Wilford 554,000 Seat6

Philip Gidley-King 411,000 Seat 7

Luke Brabin 175,000 Seat 8

David Evans 148,000 Seat 3

David Fragomeni 143,000 Seat 2

James Broom 87,000 Seat 4

In amongst the pack is Dale Marsland looking strong in 3rd place. Dale is an established Perth player and has been over to Melbourne on many occasions to pick up ANZPT wins playing his most successful game of Pot Limit Omaha. He’s won 2 PLO ANZPT titles and cashed in all 18 of his career tournaments making this number 19 every time on Aussie turf.

David Evans from the UK is also a well established player on the final table and he could be in with a shout if things he can find a badly needed double up. He’s not short of experience in these situations as in 36 tournaments entered throughout his career he’s cashed every time including 5 WSOP events.

It seems with a vast field of almost equally matched for skill opponents at this table this is anyone’s tournament with the 3 short stacks with their work cut out.

Final Table Payouts

1st – $114,000

2nd – $72,000

3rd – $41,000

4th – $32,800

5th – $27,300

6th – $23,000

7th – $18,500

8th – $14,200

9th – $10,900


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