APPT ACOP Macau Day 5 – Two Remain (vids)

appt acop trophy

Day 5 may have started quickly in the APPT Asia Championship Of Poker but in the end the action slowed down to such a level that another day was required to determine the winner. It finished with two of the nine players that had started the day left to fight it out on a final day a little later today.

Those players were Devan Tang and Sunny Jung after both had successfully managed to stay alive on a tough final table that included a few notable names.

One such name was the PokerStars Team Pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew yet he started the final table as one of the short stacks and could only last until he was knocked out in 7th place for HK$792,000. He was also followed out of the door by another six eliminations including Jonathan Depa, Zifan Zheng and the mouthful of Chane Kampanatsanyakorn.

The action will start back up later today and will finally see what we should have done last night in the latest winner of the ACOP Macau title. The chip counts are fairly even so it could either be over quickly or be a keenly contested heads up session.

Come back tomorrow for the last report on this event, where we are certain the action will be completed. They will both know that at the very least they will be walking away with a payout of HK$2,877,000 or possibly the winner’s cheque of HK$3,213,000.

Heads Up Chip Counts

Devan Tang – 3,213,000

Sunny Jung – 2,877,000


The Action From Day 4

1st) – $4,352,000

2nd) – $3,667,000

3rd) Zifan Zheng – $1,980,000

4th) Yat Wai Cheng – $1,485,000

5th) Yoshitaka Okawa – $1,188,000

6th) Jonathan Depa – $990,000

7th) Randy Lew – $792,000

8th) Chenxiang Miao – $594,000

9th) Chane Kampanatsanyakorn – $495,000