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APPT Cebu Day 2 – Spence Leading Final 25

picking up chipsAfter another long session at the tables, the APPT Cebu Day 2 has no wrapped up with each of the remaining 25 players chips being bagged up and kept secure until Day 3 get underway tomorrow. Those 25 were the only survivors from the 76 that had done themselves proud in doing enough to be taking a seat on Day 2 of this event.

Daniel Spence is the man to beat at the moment though as he chipped up to 260k and was in fact the first player to make it past the 200k mark on the day. He is joined in the top three by Anthony Wright on 224,500 and WSOP APAC bracelet holder Jim Collopy on 200,800.

Each of those three will still know that there is no room for complacency in their games, especially as they haven’t actually made the money paying positions just yet. This is because only the top twenty will be walking away from this event in profit, meaning that five more players still need to be eliminated.

To prove this even further, the player that was leading the chip counts after both of the opening day flights was one of those eliminated today. Ivan Zalac came into the day with a count of 109,100 but struggled for much of the day before losing a big three way pot in the last level of the day to seal his fate.

Others that were eliminated included the PokerStars Team Pro Bryan Huang and the guy that eliminated him in British pro Sam Razavi. Huang was beaten by the AK of Razavi in the eighth level with Razavi not lasting too much longer himself and falling on during the ninth level.

Day 3 will see those remaining 25 not only try and squeeze into the top twenty paying positions but also squeeze onto the final table for the last day of action on Sunday. The action will be starting around noon again local time, and will continue right until that final table is reached.

The Current Standings!

Daniel Spence – 260,800

Anthony Wright – 224,500

Bawod Hyunshik Yun – 199,500

Andrew Nguyen – 187,300

Magnus Karlsson – 164,700

Chane Kampanatsanvakorn – 146,400

Zhong Wei Ivan Tan – 140,800

Liow Ming Marcus Kee – 136,800

Make sure you come back and find out just who did make that final table and whether or not there has been any change in the rankings at the very top.

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