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APPT Cebu Main Event Day 1b – Gurung Tops Day’s Field

cebu philippinesThe second opening day flight continued today with Day 1b bringing in a total of 77 additions to the overall count. This brings the total entries for this event up to 158 meaning we have a prize pool of PHP 14,099,920.

Only twenty of those players will get a portion of that prize pool, with the winner walking away with PHP 3,948,000 and the minimum payout being PHP 140,000.
The player that finished Day 1b with the strongest chance of making those paying places was Milan Gurung after he finished right at the top of the chip counts with 99,900 bagged up and waiting for his return on Day 2.

He is around 10k ahead of Choi Young Su and a good 35k ahead of the player currently sitting in third place.
With regards to big names in the event who did enough on Day 1b to make it into Day 2, we have Jim Collopy and a player with literally a massive name in Chane Kampanatsanyakorn who actually finished up as the runner up in the APPT Seoul earlier in the year.

PokerStars Team Pros All Eliminated!

There were two PokerStars Team Pros that decided to take part in Day 1b of this event with both Celina Lin and Raymond Wu fancying their chances at a win here. As things panned out though both were sent home early and will now have to wait until another event to try and secure a title.
There will be a combined total of 76 players returning to the felt tomorrow, with them all now charged with making the top twenty and trying to get onto that final table to give themselves the best chance at the higher payouts.
We already cannot wait to see who comes out on top after Day 2, with some big names left amongst the survivors of both of the opening day flights.

The Chip Leaders From Day 1b!
Milan Gurung – 99,900
Choi Young Su – 88,700
Chane Kampanatsanyakorn – 64,400
Aditya Agarwal – 63,900
Jim Collopy – 38,700
Daniel Laidlaw – 34,600
Kevin Zhang – 29,800
Shingo Cho – 24,700
Abhishek Goindi – 15,000

Day 2 will be started at the same as it has been for the last two days, with the noon start giving players plenty of time to enjoy the stunning tropical weather. So be sure to check in with us around the same time tomorrow to find out which players have made the money.

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