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APPT Macau – Dean Schneider Wins Shane Warne Super Stack

APPT Macau – Dean Schneider Wins Shane Warne Super Stack

After a solid three days worth of high octane action, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Shane Warne Super Stack has come to an end with the winner emerging as Dean Schneider. He managed to beat a field of 332 players to add a good $21,355 to his bankroll.

He wasn’t up against poor field either as players such as Leo Boxall, Tony Hachem, Antonio Casale, Amanda De Cesare, defending champ Monica Huynh and of course the man himself Shane Warne.

The second and final day began with all 72 of the survivors from the previous flights of Day 1 taking to the felt, with the bubble not taking too long to be busted. The unlucky bubble boy on this occasion was Troy Laurens who decided to commit his short stack in a hand versus Jarrod Glennon.

Laurens was well in front pre-flop whilst holding the A-10 against Glennon’s 8h-3c, he would have felt even more comfortable after seeing the flop of 10d-3s-7s. He must have thought the pot was his, yet the 8s fell on the turn to give his opponent two pair, the river was of no help at all to put an end to his tournament.

As is normally the case, once the bubble was out of the way the players started to fall thick and fast which meant that the final table was fast approaching. This meant that there would be another bubble boy, whilst on this occasion it would be the bubble for the final table.

This bubble went to Jim Sachinidis after he pushed all-in preflop and was called by Eugene Portlen. Sachinidis much like the other bubble boy was in front with his As-7c versus his opponents Ad-6d but was outdone when the river fell as the 6c.

The Final Table!

This made Portlen the chip leader on the final table with 1,950,000 but he would eventually fall in 6th place. A dominating display saw Schneider come from being one of the short stacks on the table to win the event.

The final hand occurred when Schneider held the Qh-8c heads up against the As-2h of Josh Foster. As was the story for most of the final table though, it seemed that the hand in front preflop was unable to win, as the board came down 10h-Qd-Kd-9c-4s to give Schneider the title and first place payout.

How It Finished!

1st Dean Schneider – $21,355

2nd Josh Foster – $15,500

3rd Justin Wadsworth – $10,350

4th Fred Tschirsch – $7,775

5th Jun Wang – $5,175

6th Eugene Portlen – $4,325

7th Rob Archer – $3,450

8th James Owens – $2,590

9th John Broukoumis – $1,700

10th James Daniel – $1,100


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