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APPT Macau Warm-Up Day 3 – Rossiter Steals the Show

APPT Macau Warm-Up Day 3 – Rossiter Steals the Show

It may be named the Warm-Up, yet the name could not have been further from the truth at the APPT Macau. This event was a HKD$25,000 buy-in, attracted a large field of 358 players which came from 30 different countries throughout the world and produced a prizepool of HKD7, 986,980. Those figures could quite easily represent a Main Event in many respects.

The final day also had an air of a Main Event, as amongst the remaining 18 players were some very big poker names; in fact one was one of the most successful players in history. Johnny Chan is a double WSOP Main Event winner and a WSOP Poker Hall Of Famer; you really cannot get much bigger than that for a “Warm-Up” event.

However he came into the day with an average stack, yet he still managed to navigate his way to the final table of nine. This was due to the first nine players falling quite quickly during the day, which left us with the final table a lot sooner than expected.

The Final Table!

Once there it took a good couple f hours before the first player was eliminated, Jan Zeuschner leaving with HKD $215,000. This set things in motion as we then lost another straight after, the Brit Adam Latimer pushing with the As-Js and running into the Ac-Ah of Rong Fan.

Chan was being patient and managed to keep out of trouble for the most part, yet he seemed to be getting cold carded and eventually became a short stack. He eventually had no real choice but to push with the Ad-4c and was dominated when called by the As-Qs of Fan and was sent to the rail in 7th place.

Once he was gone we then lost four players within a short period of time in Andrey Shatilov, Daoxing Chen, Rong Fan and WSOP bracelet holder Joseph Cheong.

This left us heads up between Jeffrey Rossiter and chip leader coming into the day David Martiroysan. Rossiter had a massive 6-1 chip advantage at this point though and the session didn’t take long to finish as the final hand occurred as Martiryosan pushed with the Ad-2s and was instantly called by Rossiter and his As-10d.

The Russians hand could not be improved and Rossiter walked away with the title and of course the first place winner’s cheque of HKD $1,777,000.

Rossiter Wins ACOP Warm-UP

Rossiter Wins ACOP Warm-UP


The Final Standings:

1. Jeffrey Rossiter — $1,777,000 / $227,821 (USD)

2. David Martiroysan — $1,226,000 / $157,179 (USD)

3. Joseph Cheong — $731,000 / $93,718 (USD)

4. Rong Fan — $579,000 / $74,231 (USD)

5. Daoxing “Bobo” Chen — $459,000 / $58,846 (USD)

6. Andrey Shatilov — $375,000 / $48,077 (USD)

7. Johnny Chan (U.S.) — $291,500 / $37,372 (USD)

8. Adam Latimer (U.K.) — $215,500 / $27,628 (USD)

9. Jan Zeuschner (Germany) — $175,500 / $22,500 (USD)


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