The art of studying poker

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Poker in many ways is not an easy game to learn but yet far easier than others if you get the learning process correct. Let us say that you wanted to compare two worthwhile professions that paid say $70,000 per year. One is an accountant while the other is a professional online poker player. The accountant may need to go to University after college and so may take anything from 4-7 years of constant studying and learning before graduating and landing a job. A professional online poker player on the other hand could get to an earnings level of $70,000 with no more than 1-2 years hard study at most.

So it may seem like the best way forward to study to be a professional online poker player who could quite easily have made several hundred thousand dollars before the graduate ever gets started. However life isn’t so simple for the poker player because there is a lack of structured learning. This often means that even after 1-2 years of study, the poker player could still be woefully short of where he or she needs to be to compare with the graduate.

It is a fact that millions of poker players the world over simply never reach a level in which they could play the game professionally despite studying and playing for years. So comparing this with the graduate now makes it look a far better bet for the graduate because at least with the right level of hard work then they are almost guaranteed to arrive at their destination. The problem with poker is the sheer number of voices in the community.

While this means that a student of poker can often get their education for free or at a fraction of the cost of that of a graduate, it also means that they could spend an awful lot of money and get nowhere. So it is vital that before you undertake to become a poker player and study to be one that you get as much advice as possible and do as much research as possible on exactly what it is that you need to study.

A student at University is told what to study and in what order, this is something that a poker player has to find out for themselves. They also need to ask a few searching questions as well because many types of poker games do not suit certain personalities. This works in the same way that many types of job do not suit certain people. This is partly responsible for the University dropout rate. So there are many types of “jobs” in the poker community and you need to find your ideal job and then get the proper education.

This is why I cannot just tell you which books to read or what coaching videos to watch. I don’t know your personality, your interests or inclinations. One thing is certain though in all of this and it is that you need to spend a lot of time planning your poker education because if you get this wrong then you will never reach first base.