Ask Liv Boeree on Hendon Mob forum

Liv Boeree

The Hendon Mob has partnered with PokerStars and the former’s users are presented with a rare opportunity to ask PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree some questions on the forum.

The campaign started on Sunday 17th of November and will conclude on November 23rd, when Liv will start answering most of these questions. She promised to do her very best to leave as few unanswered as possible and the interest is huge.

Hendon Mob members can ask the questions at the related thread and there are already dozens of such enquiries. They range from ones closely related to poker to funny questions whose answers are easy to predict such as “Will you marry me?” Some wonder what path would she choose, if she were to start a career in poker from scratch and what games would she focus on.

Users are equally interested in hearing her opinion on whether tournaments are preferable to cash games, while some of the more technical questions revolve around notions such as staking and rakeback. Liv Boeree is an active person with a genuine passion for music, so it comes as no surprise that some questions are about her favorite sports and music bands.

The European Poker Tour Champion is heavily involved in television projects and Hendon Mob members want to know when will new episodes air and whether she plans on taking on new television projects in the foreseeable future. Few know that Boeree also has a first class degree in Astrophysics and so far there are no questions regarding a possible career change.

You can grab the chance and ask Liv Boeree a question by heading over at the Hendon Mob forum.