Aussie Millions High Stakes Cash Game Ep 3-5

Aussie Millions

We are back with the final three episodes of the Aussie Millions High Stakes Cash Game that have recently been uploaded to the Aussie Millions YouTube Channel.

Yesterday we brought you the first two parts of the well documented high stakes cash game that was played out over in Australia at the start of the year whilst all the major tournaments were being contested.

There are huge names in the cash game scene that are taking part in this cash game with none being bigger than the likes of Phil Ivey, Doug Polk, Patrik Antonius, Isaac Haxton and Max Altergott. They were also joined by a few rich businessmen such as Paul Newey, Lo Shing Fen and Richard Yong creating a heady mix of professional and recreational players with cash to burn.

The action in this game has brought regular pots totaling hundreds of thousands and it will be interesting to see which players come away from the game with any profit. Yesterday saw Isaac Haxton take quite a beating whilst Paul Newey was one of the more successful players with regards to profits.

Whether those same players carry on experiencing the same sort of fortune remains to be seen, meaning it is well worth watching the remaining episodes just to find out. We all know just how easily things can change in poker.

The stakes for the game require that each player buys-in for at least $250k and has to agree to blinds of $1,000/$2,000. Though the blinds are not like they are in tournaments where they increase, simply staying the same throughout instead.

Big cash games like this are not usually recorded so it is great that the Aussie Millions decided to do just that. It allows us all to see just what happens in poker games where there is so much money on the line.

Each of the episodes below are 45 minutes long, so if you are planning to watch all three in one go, we suggest that you grab a hot drink, fluff your cushions, sit back and enjoy.