Aussie Millions Main Event: 36 players to return for Day 4

Aussie Millions

Salvatore Fazzino leads the 36 survivors of Day 3 were that will return tomorrow at noon, relieved to have made the money.

Fazzino is the current chip leader with 1,540,000 chips, while six more players finished Day 3 with stacks larger than 1 million. Andrew Phaedonas and Tam Truong are tied for the 6th place with 1,005,000 chips, while runner up Darren Rabinowitz has a 100k cushion over poker pro Scott Seiver.

The bubble burst early in the day, with Julian Track finishing just above the line to collect AU$15,000. Angel Guillen collected the same amount, which was slightly disappointing, given the fact that he brought a sizeable stack to the table when action resumed today.

Martin Rowe can surely feel his pain, because the Day 2 chip leader is now trailing the pack of surviving players with a puny 161k chips. That’s less than he had two days ago and only a third of his stack at the beginning of Day 3, now that the blinds stand at 5k/10k with 1k antes. Raymond Wu also plummeted through the standings and lost most of the gains made early in the day, to finish with 332k chips.

The Team PokerStars Pro will be fighting an uphill battle tomorrow, but at least he still has a fighting chance, unlike Antonio Esfandiari, Marco Johnson and Paul Klann. They all made the money and the Big One for One Drop winner took home AU$20k for his achievement which represents twice the investment. Liv Boeree, Jason Mercier and Jonathan Duhamel are the other three PokerStars Team Pros alive and kicking, but Liv and Jason have just a bit over 30 big blinds left. Duhamel was by far the most successful poker professional today and at one point was on the verge of becoming the chip leader. The Canadian won and lost huge pots and played very aggressively, which explains why Day 3 was nothing short of a roller coaster for him. He finds solace in the fact that he has 938,000 chips, which is almost twice as much as the average stack and sits in the 8th place.



Check out the top ten chip counts below:

1) Salvatore Fazzino – 1,540,000
2) Darren Rabinowitz – 1,232,000
3) Scott Seiver – 1,133,000
4) Sorel Mizzi – 1,099,000
5) Patrick Crivell – 1,040,000
6) Andrew Phaedonas – 1,005,000
7) Tam Truong – 1,005,000
8) Jonathan Duhamel – 935,000
9) Ami Barer – 917,000
10) Erik Seidel – 828,000