Aussie Millions Seats Already Up For Grabs

Melbourne AUS

Whether you want to buy-in your seat into the upcoming Aussie Millions or perhaps try and win a seat through a satellite, both options are now available at the Crown Melbourne Casino. The Aussie Millions website has also released information regarding the structures that will be employed in their events come the start of next year.

The Aussie Millions will be kicking off on the 23rd of January and giving players a total of 20 events to consider entering before the proceedings come to an end on the 10th of February.

Players are now able to use the website to buy straight into any event of their choice with the use of a credit card. To protect against backers of players paying for the seats directly the casino will only be letting the person who’s name is on the credit cards play in the events, meaning that all players will have to show valid identification before they will be allowed to take their seat in the event.

For players that would prefer to try and earn a seat into the event at a cut down price, the casino will also start running satellites from today to give players that chance.

The Aussie Millions schedule was released back in August, but if you are still unfamiliar of it, you can take a look here. There will be the usual wide array of events for players to take part in but as usual it will be the four big ones that will attract the core amount of attention.

The biggest of the three will no doubt be the $10,600 Main Event that kicks off on the 2nd of February and plays until the winner is revealed on the 6th. Additionally the $25,000 Challenge will be starting and finishing on the 2nd and 3rd respectively. The $100,000 Challenge always proves popular too among the world’s best players and that plays out for two days starting on the 7th of Feb. Then there is the huge $250,000 Challenge that will also last a couple of days before revealing its winner on the 10th.

The Aussie Millions is one of the largest poker tournaments outside of America, you can be sure that we will be following all of the action to provide you with everything that you need to know.