Bad Beats Happen – Get over it

get over it

I’ve heard it over and over again: monster hands that get beat by weak hands. Miraculous flops, turns or river cards will always give the nuts to weak players. That just happens in poker. Thankfully, it does so while following the mathematics of poker! So, get over it and focus on extracting value in the 99.9% of times those miracles don’t happen!

As human beings, we tend to remind ourselves of the worst bad beats we were ever dealt with. We tend to discuss them and cry over the money we lost by that random player, never to be seen again! At the same time, we tend to forget of the times we hit that miraculous card and won a pot that was not rightfully ours.

Guess what, the times we suffer a bad beat in poker balance out with the times we give a bad beat to our opponents!

Oh, no. Not another bad beat!
Here is one of the million hands a poker player may start a conversation with about bad beats in poker.

online poker bad beat

A friend of mine is playing at the micro stakes. He recently moved up stakes but unfortunately he had to drop down a level or two, to rebuild his shattered confidence. Yes, that is dropping down to 10NL.

There’s no shame of the stakes you are playing at, as long as you exercise proper money management. By being stubborn and trying to win those losses back at the higher stakes, my friend could run into serious trouble. There’s a poker tip right there for everyone, who recently moved up and got outplayed: move down!

Of course moving down stakes does not guarantee you will get away from bad beats! Online poker does not care if you are playing 10NL, 100NL or 1,000NL for that matter. They are just cards, flops and rivers being dealt over and over again on the virtual felt. Stakes are just numbers.

The bad beat that is shown in the image above happened to my friend after moving down in an attempt to protect his bankroll. Remember: when you move down stakes, you most often than not are looking to get back on your feet, after you fell down. Have you seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies? There’s a quote there.

“Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

98 off-suit smashing your Aces preflop isn’t exactly the best way to pick yourself up! Yes, believe it or not, that 3-way pot was in fact a pre-flop all-in with 100bb effective stacks! I don’t really know what the action had been, but I find it amazing that the Button risked a whole buy-in with 98o preflop!

No, wait. That player has 54% VPIP and 4% Preflop Raise stats. Now it’s clearer. They are just having fun, throwing their money away. And now they just have 200 big blinds more to spare!

Ah, no. Those 100 big blinds you lost, in that hand, are not yours anymore. They are theirs. End of story.

That’s why, if you happened to be one of those players holding Aces or Kings, you should avoid tilt and stay focused on your game. As long as the Button does not leave the table, you have a very good chance you’ll get that money back and more. And if that happens, I doubt you’ll remember that bad beat. You’ll just remember of a random guy, who gave you their money. Neeeext!

Sure, bad beats happen in poker. In the long run though, it’s just bad luck. Get over it as soon as possible and continue playing your A+ game!